Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Being a grownup is a lot of work...

So I took today off to have a meeting with the lawyer to finalize the Offer to Purchase for the house. Simple enough, and it was. Very good feeling from the lawyer and I think we will be willing to retain her services as we need them in the future. (Thanks Marc for the recommendation). So now the serious running around starts. Bank, then back to lawyer, back to bank... There will be some serious running around over the next couple weeks. I am sure it will be worth it but I am so afraid of growing weary before the whole process is done. In the end I need to keep my eye on the prize but in the meantime there is still so much to do. Oh did I mention Insurance? I have to do that too. Well that's just a little update for now. Hopefully not too much longer.
Oh and by the way, it's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, BLUE Fish...

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

All about sex…

So I have been thinking a bit about sex lately. Well okay you all know me so I'll say "a bit MORE about sex" then.
So what I am trying to decide is if I am shallow or not. Okay again you all know me so I will say "shallow in reference to sex" okay…
I enjoy sex. More than enjoy. I love sex. LOVE IT! That being said I look at it just as a pleasurable act and I don't really think of it as an intimate act. Well not so much of an intimate act as some do I guess. I could pretty much have sex with any guy I found attractive. I do not find sex connects me to that person any more than anything else does. Yes there needs to be a certain comfort level with the person(s), or a certain alcohol level, or a conducive environment. So yes I do like to have sex with my boyfriend, of course I do but when I think of intimate moments with him I think more about things like conversations we have while walking downtown or over dinners. About sitting with a cup of coffee and a backgammon board. About talking about the future. Those are the things I think of.
So basically I am proposing that maybe society dictates that the act of sex should be an emotional act so we tend to make it so. We make it so in our own minds therefore it is, but really it isn't. I think perhaps it is like religion; it is there to comfort us. If we think of sex as an emotional act it eases the guilt that society has placed on the act itself.
So basically I sit and wonder if I am shallow, lacking emotion, with regards to sex. I don't see fireworks or feel the earth move when I have sex with "the one" guy for me. I have good sex with him, I have great sex with him, and sometimes I have "meh" sex with him. It happens. Sometimes sex is great when there is someone else there with us, sometimes it is more interesting without a third.
Maybe it has to do with age or experience. Maybe I am jaded. For now though I am just going to continue to enjoy sex for the fun that it is. I will continue to explore new ways to make it more fun. I will always enjoy sex guilt free. I really never understood what there was to feel guilty about. Thank god I don't believe in religion, I am sure that is what fucks most people up. Not me.
If I had to give anyone advice on this subject I would simply say: Have fun, enjoy, and don't EVER take it too seriously. That being said, remember to play safe and legal.
Disclaimer: These are just my thought and contain no evidence or research beyond my own experiences on this planet.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I am not depressed...

Just to let everyone know I am not still depressed. In fact things seem to be going really well. More coming soon.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's baaack!

So we are well on our way to owning the house. Still lots to deal with such as getting a lawyer, finalizing the price, getting the survey. Then need to look into a certain sale of part of the procurement, the proceeds of which could severely decrease some of my credit card bill. We have a figure in mind for that and I hope I will not be as dissapointed as I feel I likely will be. Reality tends to suck in a big way. Time will tell I guess.
There are two constants in my life... One is that I always get what I want. Eventually. Sometimes after hard work, sometimes after a long wait. I know I will get a better job. One that I enjoy. The wait sure sucks though.
The second constant in my life is that I work myself up about things to the point where the reality tends to be dissapointing to say the least. Anyway I am referring the the future sale of a particular piece of property and the price we are hoping for. We'll see how it works out I guess.
So anyway, what's back is my depression about money. I am sure it will pass but right now it lingers.
Enough for now.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

"I did not have sex with that girl" But if I was straight I might have wanted to...

So last night was Mark's debut at The Foo. We went out to celebrate his birthday, which is actually next month but that is another story. So the day went a little like this...
We started by doing some shopping at the mall so Dan and I picked up Mark and his little (cute-assed) brother and off we went. Lots of fun and everyone came away with something. It was a slow start for me but I managed to score a good purchase at Bootlegger and another at MEXX. Yeah I looked hot last night, thanks for pointing that shirt out Trevor. Mark, your cute-assed brother is a riot. I am sure I had a few impure thoughts. Don't worry though they went away.
Now to the drinking... We started at Tasha's place with a few drinks and some conversation. Tasha's friend Sara joind us before heading to our second stop for the night. Tango is always a great place for drinks. I consider Tango to be a classy place. House music thumping, loud but not so loud that you can't carry on a conversation. Tracy and her friend Lindsay joined us there. I love Tracy. She can put fun in a funeral. She probably has.
Around the witching hour we decided it was time to move on to The Foo. Sara was our heaven-sent DD. So to The Foo we went. It was still pretty slow when we got there but quicly picked up. Seems Mark and Steph both know our drinks which is very convienient. I have to say I am very proud of Mr. "I don't dance" who was on the dance floor in under 2 minutes. From that point on I don't think he left the dance floor for more than 60 seconds. I also danced the night away. Danced with Dan. Danced with Tasha. Danced with Sara. Danced with Mark. Danced with Mikey, Allana, and who knows who else. So much fun. I realized I am living proof that gay boys get the hottest girls. I never did that well when I was straight. Sara, if I do go straight I am giving you a call.
Another cool part of the night is that my boy Gord was there. I haven't had much chance to party with Gordo in a while. Sorry we passed on the afterparty Hun. Thanks so much for getting me the invite though. We'll do it at some point.
So, new friends, old friends, how could it have been anything but a great night. Any night that involves both my best friends can't go wrong. One question keeps coming to mind... Tasha why have we not partied before now? You totally rock and I am glad we are going to have you around for a while longer.
Thats my weekend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The 11th of WHAT?

I am not even going to read the last blog to find out where I left off. Instead I am just going to write out a bunch of random events...
Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's in Ottawa. Good old family circus. Dinner was good of course. Mom was a little drunk, therefore paranoid. Lots of sex talk. So, same as last year. Same as next year.
Monday night was a second Thanksgiving dinner at Gord and Rob's place. I had a fantastic time. It was nice getting to know some more people a bit better. I have met most of Gord's friends before but never get much chance to chat with them. Kim is awesome. So is her Mom. Rob's Mom is pretty cool too. I think this is the first time I have actually met Tiger or had any kind of conversation with Mark. And of course I always enjoy Jim. In drag or not he is always entertaining.
Today was overall a good day. I got my new shift and I did manage to get the earliest possible start window of 9:00-10:00AM which means even with the extended hours 7:30PM is the latest I will have to work. I am pretty happy about that. Tracy's Dan got the same thing which I think is fantastic both because he deserves it, and because it means Tracy and Dan will have more time to be together. Also means that we can hang out all four of us more too.
Tonight was COLA. Good times. Good turnout. Had fun at The Goat.
So now. Two more days till the weekend. We are taking Mark out for his "Birthday" which will forever more be on October 11th. Should be a good time. Very much looking forward to it actually. Kinda hoping Gord will be coming out too.
Oh also today we got final word that the mortgage is approved. Just need to go in and sign the papers.
That's about it for now... Later kiddies...

Friday, October 6, 2006

Apparently I don't blog enough...

...Or: You guys really need to get a life...

So today ended my first week with the extended shifts and I did live through it. Of course I did call in late on Thursday thus only working 8 hours that day. I get to look forward to only having to be there 4 days next week. Also on a positive note the rankings for the next shift bid came out and I came in at 15 out of 86. That ensures that I will at least not get a later shift than I have now and means that I have a chance at the one shift that is earlier. That being the 9:00-10:00AM window as opposed to the 9:30-10:30AM window that I am currently on. So in short I will not be any worse off than I am now. YAY!
Notable events this week:
Monday night we had coffee with Mark at The Goat. He seems to really have taken to that place. Wait till we take him to a place that is actually nice...
Tuesday we did wings at The Brass with Howie and Neil.
Wednesday we had COLA and Tea which was fun as always.
Thursday I stopped in to see Gord at the new place and dropped off the little TV from his room here. Of course bad influence that he is I called in late and stuck around for another hour. After work, dinner then The Goat for coffee. We just Missed Mark and his cute-assed brother. Another time hopefully.
Friday night we went to The Kingston Brew Pub for dinner then met Tracy for coffee at Sipps. Now she knows where it is. Girls have fag friends so they can find out all the new cool places to go.
That is the week.
By the way, as far as we know so far we did get the mortgage. We are just waiting on the details now.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Anniversary weekend

So here's what we got for our second anniversary. A joint bank account and possibly a mortgage. We are still waiting to hear back about the mortgage but I can't see any reason at this point that it would be declined. So very possibly I have written my last rent cheque for this house.
So to actually celebrate the event (the anniversary, not the joint account or mortgage) we had a nice romantic dinner at Le Chien Noir. We then went off to have coffee and dessert at Sipps. That was followed by cocktails at Tango. Much of our "romantic" conversation revolved around decorating and renovating projects we had in mind as well as a general game plan for how we would go about financing things. The romance came later.
That's it for now... Off to get that romance and then to get ready for brunch which is at Cora's this week.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump day happiness!

Today is hump day. Well it would have been if I wasn't calling in sick on Friday. Anyway, Wednesday night is what gets me through my week. It is something to look forward to without having to wait till the weekend.
Wednesdays is Dan's and my dinner night with Meghan & Clair and Howie & Neil. Tonight was Atomica and I had my regular pasta dish there. I say regular because I had it once before and loved it and since I was going to be late I thought it easier for Dan to just order me something I knew I was going to like.
Of course Dinner was followed up by COLA which I actually really do enjoy. I am not sure why I enjoy it but I think some of it has to do with the fact that I so wish I had of had that kind of resource 20 years ago. It definitely would have changed my life. I also like the thought that something I might say there, some experience I had, may help someone else feel better about themselves. I am the last person I would describe as maternal but I do like the thought of helping or taking care of people. I want people to have a better go of being gay than I did. I have a rainbow sticker on my car and it has nothing to do with my pride. It has everything to do with someone seeing it and realizing they are not alone. I wish I had seen more rainbow stickers in my time. WOW... It is so hard for me to think back to when I wasn't out. It seems like centuries ago. To those of you who like to poke fun at my age... Shut up... I know what you are thinking. LOL
Okay this turned into a ramble which it was not meant to be. Lets just leave it at "I like Wednesdays" because that's all I got.
Mark, I really had nothing to do with that email address exchange. Really. So, how was the ride home?
Oh and a big special thanks to Dan for mentioning Battlestar Galactica. The show that I can't watch myself because he wants to see the episodes too. Yeah he didn't mention that did he? No I don't think so.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just a few additional points about the weekend...

Didn't go to Woody's and drop my pants in front of the entire bar.
Did get assaulted by a lesbian who thought I was just the hottest thing ever.
Did come home with almost $200.00 worth of dildos, butt plugs and lube in the trunk. None of it ours.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend update

Had a fantastic weekend. Howie and Neil and Dan and I went to Toronto Saturday. Started at Ikea. Then Church St for lunch. AGO for the Warhol Exhibit... Weird shit that was. H&M for some shopping, didn't buy a thing. What the hell is wrong with me? I LOVE H&M. I guess it's because I didn't have Emma there with me. She is such a bad influence on me and I love her for it. Coffee and boy watching. Slack's for dinner. Was quite good. Then the rest of the evening at Crews & Tango. Not bad drag show. Michelle Ross, Farra N Heit. Ran into Aaron, such the cutie he is. Got home without incident at about 3:30AM.
Got up around 10AM for Sunday Brunch. Good turnout, Tracy and Dan came. Jenn came, and of course all the regulars were there. After that, a bit of shopping, came home, the folks dropped in. Then Tracy and Dan came by for a movie and some "apple" pie. Nice evening, they should stay in town more often.
Today, work, was just a day. Neither good nor bad. Went for our walk/coffee downtown. Walked home in the rain. Chatted a bit. Watched some TV. Chatted a bit more. Now going to bed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shitty fucking day...

Had some good days at work over the last little while. Now a good day at work is simply a day that goes by that I don't want to kill myself. Yesterday was not a good day. Today was 100 times worse. It's not really a big deal. In their infinite wisdom they have decided to add four more hours to our work week. That potentially means I will be stuck in that hellhole till 8:00PM some nights. Foremost on my mind is how that is possibly going to fuck up my Wednesday nights. I am NOT happy.
Highest point of the day was telling my supervisor how difficult it was for me to make it through a regular 8-hour day as it is. She had no idea how to respond to that. It was just funny watching her shift in her seat looking, uncomfortable.
Good stuff: Got to chat with Gordo a bit. Things seem to be going really well with him and Rob, which is cool. I have decided I have empty nest syndrome when it comes to Gord. He was so in my life for a while there. We talked every day, saw each other every second day at least. I just kinda got used to having him around. It felt good to be needed. Now I have to realize my boy is growing up and needs to be on his own. He doesn't need me as much anymore. He knows I will be here for him if he needs me and I know that if I needed him he would be here for me.
That's about all I have for now. Other than that my new friend Mark is thinking of moving into town which will make it easier to hang out more... We introduced him to The Goat last night. Can't wait to introduce him to Starbucks...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So tonight was the first COLA Meeting since classes ended in the spring. Not a bad turnout, would have been better if QUAQE (pronounced quack, like the sound a duck makes) had of picked another night for their "Faculty and Staff Perspective" thingy. Anyway it was a good meeting and I finally got to meet Mark. Mark who said he was SO shy but did manage to speak up at the meeting. Mark who did come to The Goat after the meeting. Mark who managed to be not as shy as he said he was. Mark who was checking out the other new guy who was pretty cute. Anyway, Mark has been upgraded from the group to the Friends group on my MSN. Always cool when that happens.
So other than that, COLA was preceded by dinner at JJ's with Howie and Neal, and Meghan. Claire was stuck at work. Both Meghan and Claire were noticeably absent from COLA, probably doing it in the lab instead.
Dinner was preceded by a shitty day at work. Not going to bother with the details, there really is no point.
Chatted with Gord a bit via SMS. Makes me realize that I miss him. I could probably use a team of therapists to go over this disfunctional relationship. Anyway, we need to try and get together some time. Really would like to get to know Rob a bit more too.
Well that's it for now, need to get this posted ASAP since someone is waiting to read it...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Posting as requested Dan...

Well I was told it was time to post a new blog so here it is.
First off. The TV is fuckin' awesome. Well it's just a TV but I really like it. Gonna come in handy over the winter. I am hoping to catch up on my movies and such.
So just when you thought it was safe to go back to work... I think I managed 4 days in a row (okay there was a weekend in between) where they didn't piss me off. Till today. They managed it. I will spare you all the details but I will say again: I hate my job SO much.
So nothing too exciting on the weekend. Sorry to say the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair was a write off though, of course it was nice to see Meghan and Claire. Almost got the oppertunity to visit New York City in October but that has dematerialized. New possibility coming in May, updates forthcoming.
Monday: Coffee at The Goat with Tracy and Dan.
Tuesday: Work. Yeah, this close to going postal.
Tuesday evening: ReelOut had a screening of some music videos, all by gay artists or with a gay theme. A very promising idea. A very poor execution. Also very poor turnout. Too bad.
That brings you all up to date. Tomorrow is the first meeting of COLA since the spring. Looking forward to it. I am going to finally meet in person another myspacer that I have been chatting with for a while now. That should be cool. I am sure I will blog about it.
That's it for now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dell, where the fuck are you?

Oh, stuck at customs... GREAT!

So yeah, apparently my TV has been at the border since Sunday. I am so NOT a happy camper. I will be calling Dell tomorrow to relay my unhappiness to them. Not that it will likely make any difference.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A day in the life...

Just a quick update.
Still at my crappy job, no new prospects at this time. I am sure something will come up.
Biggest news I have is 32" big. I purchased a 32" LCD TV from Dell. My good friend and tech support guy Bryan sent me the link to this TV that was $400.00 off at Dell, one day only. We checked it out. Dan did lots of research of course. It checked out so I ordered it. Simple.
Well, since nothing is simple for me, here is how the rest goes...
Dell is great to inform you of the estimated delivery date when you order something. Always remember the definition of the word ESTIMATED. The estimated delivery date was today. So guess who called in sick so he could be home to receive the delivery? Yeah that would be ME. At some point this afternoon the estimated delivery date was changed to tomorrow.
Oh well I did get lots done around the house. Hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow, or at least delivery will be attempted since no one will be here to accept it. If so,I will be able to pick it up Thursday morning before heading to work. Lets all keep our fingers crossed.
On another note, a good friend of mine who I chat with was talking to me about my anxiety attack from a couple weeks ago. I did not really think too much about it but apparently they can become quite serious. So I will be keeping an eye on it. Hopefully I won't have another one ever again anyway.
So thats it, thats all...

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Recapping events in the life of ME!

So it is time to get everyone caught up. My last blog was about my anxiety attack, which has not recurred thank goodness. It has pretty much been confirmed that it was an anxiety attack. Having never had one I didn't know for sure but from what others tell me that was pretty much it.
So Wednesday was pretty eventless other than finding out that I have somehow been pissing off Gord. Only fair since he has pissed me off too. I guess it is to be expected that that will happen. We haven't been spending much time together lately and we both seem to be blaming the other. Interests have changed, priorities have changed. It happens. We still love each other and he knows I will always be his go to guy if he needs me. It is a friendship without conditions. I am confident that no matter what if I needed him he would be there for me too.
Wednesday dinner was missing Neil who had another drunken engagement. Meghan & Claire, Howie, Dan and I dined at Sol Latino. Food: Mediocre. Service: Slow as hell. The 10% discount for the slowness helped only a tiny bit. Verdict: I won't suggest going back.
Thursday was an interesting day work-wise. As soon as I walked on the floor I was told not to bother getting my systems up because we were getting crash training on Offline Activations. Apparently the end of the month crept up on Offline and they were way behind so we were all pulled to help out for the day. Sweet deal. No calls, they didn't have to ask me twice.
Thursday evening Dad came by to steal my TV back to return it to my niece. Shopping for a 32-37" LCD TV now. Might be a while before I can do that. Maybe I'll ask Santa for more Best Buy Gift Cards for Christmas. After the traumatic experience of losing my TV I went down to The Brew Pub to meet Dan and his coworkers who had been drinking since 4PM. Logan was too rowdy for the waitress so we headed to The Toucan. I started with a double to catch up but by the time I had my second drink the party was breaking up.
Friday at work sucked. I did get a huge helium balloon, pink, in the shape of a "4" for my QA score. Hardly a highlight. Got coaching. Too many long lunches, shame on me. Came home, Cambodiana for dinner, The Goat for coffee, Tracy joined us there, YAY! Then home.
So that brings us up to the point where I decided to head to The Foo to meet up with Gordo, Rob and their friends, Mikey was there too. Dan was not up to it so he stayed home. I walked over to Foo's with $20.00 in my pocket, had a few drinks and chatted with Gordo. It was nice. I didn't get hit on which is always a bit of a dissapointment but that's life. Can't expect too much once you hit 40 I guess. Mikey was DD, driving Trevor's Aztek but there seemed to be too many people so despite the offer of a ride home I did the walk. Most of the way up Victoria Street (or whatever street that was I was walking on) I got to listen to a girl argue with her boyfriend who wanted to take a piss somewhere along the way. She wouldn't let him. Well I really had to pee and all that talk about it wasn't helping. I was very tempted to find a shrub and let go to see what would happen when they caught up with me. I did however hold it till I got home. On my way home I composed a long and fully punctuated text message to Gordon that I did make it home safe. It was a bit of a lie since I sent it when I was just walking on to Thomas Street. I did however make it the rest of the way safe though.
That's it. Today I let the boy sleep in. Two loads of laundry on the go, some errands to run, dinner at Meghan & Claire's. Fun, fun, fun.
YAY! Long weekend.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is it time for the looney bin?

So the weirdest thing happened to me today. I was at work. The day was going quite well. In fact yesterday went well too, flew right by. Back to today though. I spent most of the day text messaging with Gord. We don't get to talk much anymore and I miss him lots. At some point though I started to feel weird. My only guess is that it was some kind of anxiety attack. My breathing was weird, I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't deal with the calls. I think I seriously could have started crying right there at my desk. I mean I always have the same shit on my mind... Money, shitty job, house, worry about the future, and all the rest. This stuff is always with me but it has never made me feel like this. I have no idea what to make of it. We will see how tomorrow goes. I don't want to deal with that feeling again.
Add to all that my being extremely horny lately. Not sure what that's all about.
Anyway, thats all I got.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Wireless Blogging...

So I did call in sick today. Dan booked today off and we are getting a few things done and giving me a chance to shake this cold.
I haven't got much to say but I am at The Goat with my laptop and I wanted to blog from here. Just to say I did I guess. I am actually spending more time trying to keep the connection than I am actually using the connection. Still its all fun for Mikey. I am sure Dan Thinks I am crazy.
Anyway, that's all I have for now. I know the blogs have been few and far between. Just haven't had much going on that was blog-worthy I guess. Thats probably not a bad thing.
So thats it for now kiddies...
PS: The connection didn't hold. I am posting this from home.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

BAH! I hate having a cold...

So I have a cold. I hate being sick. It started to hit me yesterday afternoon at work. I went to meet the gang after work for our usual Wednesday night dinner. I felt okay for that, came home, watched THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT with Howie & Neil. That one is one of my favourite gay movies. A "must see" movie for gays everywhere. Rent it, watch it. Chatted for a bit after that but was pretty wasted. Bed around 11PM. So early for me.
This morning I woke up feeling like crap. Decided I needed to go to work anyway since I am running low on sick days. Working for nazis means you only get 10 per year. I have 6 gone, oddly not one was used because I was sick, but I digress. I decided if I still felt crappy tomorrow I will call in sick then. It is pretty much a given that I am not going in. YAY! Long weekend.
Despite my cold we went for our walk downtown. When I am sick I hate staying home and wallowing in my germs. So coffee at The Goat it was. The walk and the fresh air was good.
Now I am stuffed up again. Hoping to not feel too crappy in the morning. Have a few errands to run then will relax at home for the rest of the day.
So that's it for now. I will add that I am loving the wireless thing... Thanks again Gordo. Love you, miss you.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wireless networks and Potato Salad...

So today was a good day. The usual Sunday Brunch at The Goat. Some shopping, and some computer tech support.
I got my new bathroom faucet from RONA. I looked at some TVs as I will probably be picking one up soon. 32 or 37" LCD Flatscreen.
Bryan came over and got my wireless card for the laptop running and I am laying in bed typing this blog with no wires. Naked for those of you who are dying to know.
So on to the potato salad. I really didn't mean to make Howie feel bad for forgeting to make his awesome potato salad for my birthday party. I just kinda mentioned it at brunch. I really didn't expect him to show up tonight with a big ziplock bag full of a batch he made up just for me. What a sweet guy. I will surely enjoy it. Sorry Mom but Howie's is the absolute best potato salad EVER.
Other than those highlights, we did go to the National Gallery to see the Emily Carr Exhibit. Interesting but not really my thing. It was a nice day though.
We're done...

Monday, August 14, 2006

40 and FABULOUS!

Well I did it. I made it to 40. It was quite the event. It was so much fun. Had a great time and it was nice to see all my friends and family. I drank a lot. I talked a lot. I decapitated a Penny Pinata. Nearly whacked my dog with the stick. Drank some more. Who's idea was it to make jello shooters? Anyway they were good. And the cake! Yeah the cake was a highlight. I'll say no more.
What I will say is: Thanks everyone for coming out to launch me into my 40's. I love you all.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Giving up...

So my "dream job" turned out to be someone else's dream job. 154 applicants, 3 finalists, all 3 had worked there before. They knew who they were going to hire and really just wasted my time.
My dissapointment is really my own fault. I get myself worked up and start thinking really positive. I need to stop doing that because the crashing at the end really sucks.
This has kinda taken the wind out of my sails right now and I have no ambition to do anything. I am not interested in applying for any other jobs. I am certainly not interested in going back to my current place of employment though of course I have no choice and will be there on Monday. I am not interested in pursuing buying the house. Just kinda don't care about anything right now. I kinda just want to curl up in a ball somewhere and forget about everything and anything. I've just had enough.
Oh and I turn 40 in 8 days... Yee-fucking-ha...

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Just a little bit of stress...

So I applied for a desk clerk position at Queens in the residence system. Same job as Dan does. This is my dream job. I can't even begin to tell you. This is a job that would allow me much more freedom than my current job. Freedom to socialize more, freedom to have a little fun at work, freedom to possibly pursue some academic pursuits and freedom to advance to other more challenging positions.
So you all have heard me harp on about other jobs, or at least the School of Business job anyway. Yeah I want this one WAY more. I definitely have some things going for me, including a recommendation from a rather influential source. Now much of what we think I have going for me for the position is speculation on our parts, things we think will appeal to those doing the hiring. Anyway, Dan says I have a good chance at getting this one.
So now the point of this blog. I am so tense about this job I am making myself crazy. It is no secret how much I hate my current job. I have pretty much checked out already. I have no interest in being there at all and I think that is pretty apparent to all. So I am just driving myself crazy worrying about if I will get it or not. Stressing. STRESSING.
By the way, I turn 40 in 12 days. I am hardly stressed by that at all. YET!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Friends, a patio, and a summer evening... Does it get any better than that?

Spent this evening having drinks and dinner on a patio with Dan, Tracy and Gord. That's what its all about for me. I think it needs to happen more.
Work sucked, all week. Three applications out there waiting for responses. One seems like there may be promise based on educated guesses. I try to remain optimistic but realistic but it's hard for me to not get excited at the prospect of leaving StarTek. The place poisons my soul a little more every day I am there. It is simply a matter of time before something comes up but I am feeling very stressed out about these jobs I am applying for. I so want out of where I am.
That's it, been a long week, I am off to bed...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Three hour tour, a three hour tour………

Well I just had an awesome time with Tracy tonight. I am so happy she invited me along on her little boat cruise. Let me go backwards in time a bit...
I am sitting at work and I get a text message asking if I want to go on a cruise with her the next night. Well Wednesday night is the regular night of the meeting of the After-COLA Dinner Club. So I was a bit torn. I tried to convince Tracy's boy Dan to call in sick and go with her but he didn't. Well I am glad he passed on it because though I missed my regular Wednesday night companions, Tracy and I had a blast.
The cruise was put on by one of the local radio stations for all the companies that advertise with them. We were each issued 2 tickets which turned out to be for drinks. Well since Tracy wasn't drinking they were all mine. Food was provided and 5 drinks later I had spent all of $6.50 and was feeling pretty fine...
It was so great to spend time alone with Tracy. We spent a little time talking about how we want to spend some time with Gordo, just the three of us. We'll see how that works out...
Oh and there was live music on the boat. In particular an artist named Jason Mitchell who wasn't too bad. I actually approached him because the person he was with seemed familliar from the party we were at at The Grad Club the night before. Not the same person as it turns out but still I actually walked up to a stranger and started a conversation. Oh, and on the way out we were given a little gift of a bottle of wine, some golf package thing, and Jason's CD. I got the CD. Coolness...
Thanks Tracy... Love you to bits...

Monday, July 24, 2006


Well I am on a roll. Applied for 3 more positions today. Two were at Queen's, one was with an office installation company. One I am very hopeful I get, one I would like and one I really want Natasha to get. It was very sweet of her to point it out to me when she was applying for it herself, and if we manage to both get interviews I might just do the interview and politely decline the position. I can pretty safely say this because I find it doubtful that I will get an interview for that position and really, after skimming the job overview I haven't a clue what the position is all about anyway. I have never even heard of the School of Policy Studies.
Anyway, we will see what happens but if you all keep your fingers crossed I may just have a job working with my very own boyfriend. I am optimistic but realistic.
Oh, I have 2 days of training starting at 7:00AM. Why the hell am I still up blogging. Thank gawd Starbucks opens at 6AM. I am going to need it.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tango in the Night...

Awesome time last night at Tango for Jenn's birthday. What a blast that was. Tango is such a cool place to hang out. It just feels a bit more classy than your average drinking establishment. New drinks on the menu too. I only had 4 cocktails and 1 shot, and didn't mix it up too much this time. Still came out feeling good though.
After Tango we headed off to The Grizz. It was not as bad on a Friday night as it was that Saturday night I was there when I vowed never to return. Funny that night was for a birthday too. Anyway, it wasn't as crowded so it was okay. As always seems to happen though, I was hit on by a cougar... EWWWWWWW!
One of the fun things was dancing with a cute boy with all the heteros around. For those of you who don't know how I dance... Well, lets say I seem to consider it a contact sport. I shall say no more.
It was also nice to see and spend some time with Gordo last night. I really have been missing him. Enough said there.
Time to get today started. More to come...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Depression: Pending

Just an update. The Queen's School of Business job interviews were yesterday. I was not one of the candidates for the position. I tried to remain pretty positive throughout the whole process and I think I managed to do it. Now however, on some level, I think about how perfect that position was for me and how I thought my qualifications were dead on and wonder if there is any position that is right for me.
Sad that I am actually thinking about the possibility of going back to work for a company that allowed a manager to force me to quit because he was homophobic. I am actually not too concerned about that one even becoming a possibility but it worries me that I am even thinking about it.
So there may be a depression coming on. Weird that it didn't happen right away. We know what happens when I get depressed, I want to spend money. Bad time for VISA to double my credit limit I think.
Going out Friday night to Tango to celebrate Jenn's birthday. I don't doubt that I am going to be leaving there plastered. DAMN! Every time I plan on getting drunk I never do. I just jinxed myself.
Oh well, we'll see.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Out on the Street...

Just a quick update...
We spent a good portion of the weekend downtown enjoying the Buskers Rendezvous. Always a good time in Kingston. Always boys without their shirts. Good times.
Not going to talk about work, what with nothing good to say. Still hoping to hear from Queen's School of Business. There is still a chance though it is getting fainter as days go by. I am still trying to keep positive about it. Also still looking for other options.
So I came up with an idea to help step up the blogs. Sort of an ASK MIKEY thing. If you want to know about something or how I feel about something. Or if you want to hear me rant about something in particular, send me a message. Send it on myspace or MSN and if I have something to say about it I will do it in my blog. We'll see how this works out.
That's it for now. Keep those letters and postcards coming...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Just a little bitch session...

In case any of you didn't know, I HATE my job. I don't dislike it. I don't hate certain aspects of it. I simply hate everything about the place, the work, the client, and the way the company runs things. It's not going to change. There is no cure for the way I feel about it. There is nothing I can do about it. There is nothing they can do about it. Maybe it is the nature of the business, maybe it is just burn out. Who knows. I do know that I managed to work at one place for 16 years and never burned out.
So the goal is to find a new job. I have a couple possibilities already. Hopefully one of those will work out and if not I am hoping to have more options coming up soon. My goal is to walk out of there in the very near future and never look back.
I will of course keep you all updated.

Sunday, July 9, 2006


Well it is officially the last day of my holidays. Had a good rest from work. Could definitely use more time off of course.
I used the laptop to keep what we were doing day by day while we were away but really it is not that interesting so I am not going to bother retrieving it to post here. We can sum it up by saying that we did what we set out to do and came back with the back seat full of the boy's stuff. More on the way when Dan Sr comes through.
We did have some downtime too. We made it to the gay bar in Hamilton. The Embassy is an awesome club. 3 levels, a patio and a balcony. Lots of places to wander around and be seen, or not be seen. Unfortunately it was Friday night and was not so busy. Would have loved to check it out on Saturday night but were back in Kingston by then. Perhaps another time.
Last night we went and saw THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, which was quite good. Merrill Streep deserves an Oscar nod for sure for her performance.
This morning we are off to Sunday Brunch with the gang. Whatever gang shows up that is. Getting hungry just thinking about it...

Monday, July 3, 2006

The week in review...

So it has been somewhat of a blur. My week since my last blog that is. I am sure there have been a few noteworthy events and I will try and put them all together in some kind of coherent form.
Wednesday: Dinner with "the gang" was at The Toucan. Just Howie and Neil as the girls had packing to do for the big move. White Mountain Icecream and some time in the park.
Thursday: Gym night. Then off to Margaritaville for drinks to celebrate Bryan's birthday. Good times and cute boys. Doesn't get much better than that.
Friday: We moved Meghan and Claire to their new house. Haven't heard from them since. I'm sure the place will be keeping them busy for a good while. Very nice place. Huge amount of work. I think they are crazy. Love them just the same.
Friday also turns out to be the beginning of my holidays. Not back to hell till July 10th
Saturday: Was a bit of a shopping spree downtown. I picked up a couple t-shirts from American Apparel. One of which I am returning today. I guess you really do get better workmanship out of those little Philippino kids. I also had a piece of jewellery bought for me. Yes my boyfriend bought me a new pendant from Sterling. We also hung out with Gord for a bit. Checked out the fireworks. Dairy Queen with Bryan and Lisa. Then home. Gord showed up again a bit later. Around 3 AM that is. Laid in bed with him a bit discussing everything going on in his life till he got called away to another party, such a socialite he is. He wandered back in at some point.
Sunday: Gym then brunch at Windmills with Bryan. Had an in-depth discussion about unwanted body hair and the different methods of removing it. Jenn, be happy you didn't show up for that. After that was groceries. Then we headed over to Holly's to help remove the Hard Top off her Jeep. Then dinner at Mom and Dad's.
So that's it up to now. Planning on doing some stuff around the house today. Relaxing tomorrow. Heading to Paris, ON on Wednesday. Will probably be stopping in Toronto for lunch.
The laptop will be coming with me so I will try to blog while I am away. I know how some of you have withdrawals when I don't blog regularly.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pride continued...

I had to read my last blog to see where I left off. I wrote that one Sunday morning when I was feeling kinda rough. It went slightly downhill from there then quickly uphill.
We went off to breakfast with Emma and a few of her friends. Needless to say I was not really looking forward to food. We went to a cool place and sat on a rooftop patio. I had decided on the Farmer's Breakfast, hold the eggs, sausage, bacon, and ham. In other words toast and homefries. The orange juice that preceded breakfast made me feel a whole lot better though so I just held the sausage and ham. Mercifully the bacon was peameal bacon thus not greasy. Anyway it all went down good and I was ready for the rest of the day.
Off we headed down Bloor Street to find a spot to watch the parade. We found a good spot that was going to be in the shade for at least part of the event. The boy is sensitive and burns. I would have been okay in full sun. The parade was pretty good. Hundreds of pictures were taken. If you are one of the chosen you will be able to see them upon request if you have not already been sent the link. We had a good time. Jenn met up with us to watch the parade and with her help I came out of it with at least 30 condoms, many beads and some cheap crap candy. Love free stuff. Gord and the boys were not really in any shape to join us but we managed without them. We went to visit them after and really, I am not sure they even really knew we were there. After stopping in there we headed off to cruise Church Street for a while before heading back to get our stuff together and have dinner with Emma. Then we picked Jenn up and headed back to Kingston.
Monday was a bit of a blur. It was very busy at work. Didn't do much in the evening. Gordo dropped by on his way home. Told some tales. I just shake my head. Love him but still shake my head.
Today was somewhat of a blur as well. Not as busy though. Still seemed to go by quick enough. After work came home, had dinner, went to the gym. That's about it.
Looking forward to dining with the gang tomorrow night. Kinda miss them.
So that's it for now...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not as cheap a drunk as I thought...

Toronto Pride. Coming soon to a blog near you. And by soon I mean NOW.
So I totally couldn't understand how I got so drunk on 2 drinks. Further investigation soon revealed that those little bottles of vodka actually contain about 7 oz of fun. That is 7 drinks, not 2. My confusion lay with the fact that I drank the top portion of only 2 bottles of cranberry juice and added half the bottle of vodka to each. Hence 2 drinks. So by The Captain's standards I might still be a cheap drunk but at least I am not as cheap as I thought. Good times were had though with Dan and me, Gordo, Rob and Chris, and Katie and Amber.
By the way, I have dropped about $300.00 here this weekend. I love H&M. Emma and I should not be allowed to go there together. It is always expensive for me when we do. But I am so gonna look hot for the Pride Parade. New shorts, new shirt, and even new under-roos. Superman ones to be specific (Thanks Emma!). So gonna be showing those off.
So that was only about $100.00... Then we were off to the Oakley Store. Oh yeah,
I got 'em. I do not need to say more, you'll see 'em.
This is the part of my blog where I go back in time. I should mention Friday night. We got to Emma's place Friday night, Hung out till Dea showed up with her hot friend Jamie. Speaking of hot, Dea is such a cutie. She is so a gay boy in a hot girl's body. Love her. We all went out for sushi then came back to Em's and just hung out for a bit.
Saturday morning we were woken up by Dea bouncing on our bed, she came to say goodbye as she was off to the airport to fly away. We slept some more but eventually got up and ate danishes out on the balcony. Dan and I eventually made it down to Church Street. Spent the afternoon watching the boys, ran into a few locals. Just hung out. Then it was back to Em's for a rest, shower and costume change, then back downtown which brings us to the events at the beginning of this blog.
Now, the boy is still sleeping, as is everyone else in the apartment. I am feeling a bit rough. Very minor headache and my stomach is kinda saying "fuck you" but other than that I am ready to go.
This afternoon is the parade which will hopefully be better this year than last. Either way it's all good times.
I think that is enough for now. More to follow.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finish the story on Saturn, I'm sure there is another story brewing...

So to let y'all know, the car is fixed, in 10 minutes, for free.
Can I tell you how happy I am about that... Mostly because it always seems when I am just getting caught up on bills and such something comes up to cost me money. Anyone who knows me at all, or who reads my blog knows I have more issues with money than anything else. I live well. Probably just a little beyond my means. I do get pretty depressed about money from time to time. And whenever I do get depressed about money I want to go out and buy myself something pretty. Very logical on my part eh...
So on the job front, still no word about the QEDC job. I did apply for another position at Queens. I am feeling more confident about applying. Or maybe just more desperate to get out of the hellhole I am at right now. It truly is time for me to get out of there. It was not so bad when I didn't mind the work. But now that I hate the work, the idiotic way the place is run is making me crazy.
So I think that is about it for now. I hope you are all taking notice of the more frequent blogs. I am trying.

Monday, June 19, 2006

To Saturn and back...

Well Dad said I was going to be surprised when I started looking into getting the bumper properly reattached to the rest of my car. Frankly he was right.
I decided to start at the top and went right to the Saturn Dealership. I walked in and asked for the service department and buddy with his Saturn logo on his polo shirt starts to explain the whole Automall structure to me. Just fucking tell me the service is over at Taylor GM. So I walk over to Taylor and was ignored by the GM Service guy for about 5 minutes before he directed me to Scott The Saturn Service guy. Scott was fantastic. Walked over to my car with me, took a look, Told me there was a metal thingy missing and that I should check the parking lot for it. If I couldn't find it to call him, he would order a new one at a cost of about $15.00 and, since I mentioned I work 9AM, to come by some morning at 8AM, which is when his mechanic gets there, and he will get it all put back together in about 15 minutes, possibly at no charge.
We will wait and see how it all works out in the end. I'll let y'all know since I know you live for this shit.
So now lets talk about Oakleys. Mikey has been wanting a pair of Oakleys for over a year now and it's time it happened. Went to the mall tonight, they don't have the ones I want. Figures. Well Toronto here I come next weekend. Surely I will find what I am looking for there... Again, I will let you know.
'Nuff for now.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Good day, bad day, good day... Good night?

Good day:
Today started off with a haircut. After that we picked up Meghan and headed off to pass through some Open Doors.
For those of you unaware, Kingston has a day every year when many public buildings are open to see, as well as many museums and such are free to check out. We started out at the Corrections Museum, which I had been to before but was cool. We then stopped at some place that needs no mention. Then off to the Municiple Water Treatment Plant. Well as fascinating as water is that was not the highlight of the trip. It was interesting though. If nothing else it was nice to chat with someone who was actually interested in his work.
Bad day:
This is the part of the day where things go bad. We decided to leave the car at Meghan's place and walk downtown for the rest of the open doors. You know those concrete parking things? They can rip the bumper right off a Saturn. How do I know this you ask? It happened to me is how I know. I am so unhappy with myself over this. Enough said.
Good day:
On with the tour again. Princess of Whales Armouries, a parking lot inside a castle. Not much more to say. The Police station. Probably the best part of the day. Very nice Volunteer Policing Officer took the 3 of us on our own private tour. This man could have taken me on a private tour any time he liked. Man uniforms are HOT. One of the cool things was getting to see where Brett, my house-mate, works. Very cool. After that it was lunch at Subway. Shoal Tower and City Hall. Starbucks. Home to try and re-attach my bumper as best as I could. Sex.
Good night?
We are just about to head downtown in search of something light for dinner. Then at some point we are off to The Foo to start celebrating Pride. Mikey is going to get plastered. Saying that means I probably won't but it is the intention. We'll see.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ottawa... Capital of cold and rain...

Well yesterday was our trip to Ottawa to see CIRQUE DE SOLIEL. It was a good time, even though the show itself was not as good as the last one I saw; which apparently was not as good as the ones before that. The tent was very warm, but the acrobats were hot so it was okay. The story was a bit of a mystery but overall it was still a good watch.
After the show we headed uptown for dinner, drinks, and coffee. Dinner was a a pub called Heart and Crown, then heading back towards the car in the rain we stopped for a drink at another pub called Ales. Then Starbucks for a coffee for me since I had to moderate the alcohol intake because I was the DD. By the way, stopped at 2 pubs and didn't manage to stop at The Cock and Lion. What's that about?
After wasting another hour or so there we were in the car getting ready to go to EDGE. Also known as TWINKS R US which is, of course, fine by me. Had a couple of drinks there and headed out around 1AM. Got home after an uneventful drive. Then off to bed.
This morning was Sunday Brunch at The Goat. This afternoon has a trip to Wolfe Island and possibly a cell phone purchase for Dan. I am feeling the need to buy myself something pretty too. We'll see how that goes. Something pretty, for me could mean the wireless kit for the laptop. Or at least a new mouse for it. Yeah, we'll see.
That's all for now.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happy Endings

So I watched a movie called HAPPY ENDINGS tonight. I have been wanting to see it for a while and bought it cheap a couple weeks ago. Well I was not dissapointed though I am sure some of you who rush out to see it because I posted a blog about it will be.
I have always liked movies that have lots going on with lots of different characters and knowing that it was all going to come together in the end, and trying to figure out how it was all going to come together as the movie progresses. It works out to be like a murder mystery without the murder. Funny too because this movie came with a disclaimer stating nobody was going to die on screen.
So let me tell you one more thing. Lisa Kudrow is awesome in this movie. Okay, one more thing. Jason Ritter is HOT.
Finally, for those who think I am dead inside. I cried at the end of this movie. Is it weird that "sad" rarely makes me cry but "happy" sometimes does.
So anyway, if you want to borrow the DVD, just ask.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Hoping to cut the mustard, not pick it up...

Well it has been a busy day in Mike's head today. Been in a weird mood for most of the day. I guess that is better than having my stomach in knots all day like yesterday. The mere possibility of getting a new job has me hating the one I have all the more. Well time will tell. I should have some indication of what is going on by this time next week.
Other than that Gord's latest drama has been unfolding on my phone, text message after text message. And he wonders why I worry about him. Oh well, what's a mother to do?
Looking forward to Saturday coming. Dan, Gord and I are heading up to see CIRQUE DE SOLIEL in Ottawa. Our Christmas gift to Gord. Should be a good time. We may go out to the bar in Ottawa for a change. We'll see.
Of course there will be brunch at The Goat on Sunday morning. So far that is about it. I guess there is some work around the house that we should fit in somewhere.
So that's it... If I get the shit in my head figured out you guys will be able to read about it here. If not... Therapy here I come.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Anyone know the number for Acme Locker Installation Inc?

Well... We went out to The Foo last night. We went for Duck's Birthday but really we hardly saw him at all. It was a reasonably good night. Stayed till 2AM or so. Danced a little, drank a little, drank a little more. Had a little dance floor heart-to-heart with Gordo. Don't want to make him feel bad that I worry about him. Really it's not my fault I worry. It just comes naturally to me. My worries may be unfounded (or they may be TOTALLY founded) but they are still there. Sometimes it is beyond me why I am so protective of the big dope but I really have never been able to pin down why I love the people I do. People come into my life all the time but some of them just click into place and I know they are going to be there for a while. Anyway I know he is at least as protective of me as I am of him. No matter the worries I still like knowing he'll always be around.
So there has been a decorating breakthrough here with Dan and I. I finally get my animal print. The deal is though that it goes in Gord's room. On that note, we are wondering if we should still be calling it Gord's room. It might go back to being called the guest room and we might just install a locker in the bathroom for Gord. This is all of course yet to be determined. Oh, back to the animal print. I am thinking Zebra. Also thinking it might be time for a door.
So Sunday brunch this week was at Pan Chancho, just to mix it up a bit. Have the French Toast if you go, it was awesome. Bryan, Natasha & Mike, Lynn, Meghan & Claire, Dan & I. Good times. Back to The Goat next week I believe.
By the way, Bryan you are my computer god. Oh, and who cares about the other people in the locker-room.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Happy Friday...

Well I finally made it to Friday. I seriously didn't think it was ever gonna get here. Work sucked but the evening was nice. After heading over to do a quick bit of shopping Tracy & Dan came over for a couple drinks. Nice to chat with them for a bit.
The weekend is as full as our weekends get. Dan's Dad is here Saturday. Going to The Foo for the first time in a while Saturday night. The usual Sunday Brunch and whatever else comes up to round out the weekend.
Oh and it is suposed to rain all weekend so I have an excuse for not doing any yard work. Really I am pretty caught up on that anyway.
So, let me work some sex into that and it will be all good. I love the weekends.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

A whore of a different kind?

So I have kinda decided that I am a bit of a social whore. After so many years spent sitting at home every night I really like to go out to places where there are people. I don't even have to interact with the people any more than talking to the server while ordering my coffee. Just being out there works for me.
Going for our walk downtown, to Starbucks or The Goat for coffee. It feels very urban to me. I don't even know how to describe how or why I like it.
That being said I VERY MUCH enjoy our Thursday night (formerly Wednesday night) dinner gatherings with Meghan & Claire and Howie & Neil. In fact I am very much looking forward to it tonight, it certainly is what will get me through my day.
So now that we have that out of the way, I just want to reassure everyone that I am still a whore in the modern-classic sense of the word too. I love sex. Can't get enough. Can't not look at bois. Can't not flirt. Can't not think about having sex with all the hot bois I see. WHORE!
To close I would just like to thank the inventor of the suction cup, whoever that is... I owe you one.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Random thoughts, events, and feelings...

Yeah, I know... It's been a while...
Thought: So weekly dinner night with Meghan & Claire and Howie & Neil has been changed to Thursday nights. It seems SO much longer to wait now. The weeks seem to be dragging on. Not that we have exactly been staying home or anything. I do look forward to getting together with the gang every week.
Event: Last night we went to The Brass for wings. That was fun even though we were suposed to do it with Emma who had to cancel her visit this week. Maybe next time Em...
Event: Managed to get Gord to Brunch at The Goat last Sunday. I have been trying to get him there for a while now but really most sunday mornings he is just going to bed as we are getting up. You can read his thoughts about it in his
blog entry. Along with all the other events in his life for that week.
Feelings: It seems I am feeling a bit better about money this week. I realized that I am not in overdraft near as much as I used to be. I seem to be getting caught up, even throwing in the unexpected $150.00 for a new muffler. I at least feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. Do keep in mind this can all come crashing down at any point. :-)
Event: Last Saturday was our night to have the gang over for dinner and it was a good night for sure. Mom had her yard sale that day and I made $85.00 which prompted me to go to the LCBO and spend $108.00. Yeah it was a good day for sure.
Well that is all I have time for... More to come...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The long weekend report...

So much for more regular blogs. I don't even remember where the last one left off...
Ahh yes. The Will & Grace Finale. That was a good evening with Tracy and Gord. Allergies my ass Gordo.
Friday night was spent at Howie & Neil's place. The Kingston lesbians and the Toronto lesbians were there as well. Enough food for at least 8 more people. Good times.
Saturday was spent doing some running around, a bit of yard work, then off to Mom & Dad's for dinner and tech support. Pretty much have their new computer up and running now. I have the old one here, just waiting a couple weeks to make sure they have everything off it before I wipe it and start over again. Fun and games I say. By the way, what the hell possessed me to order a new battery for it already. Really that was $100 bucks I did not need to spend right now, especially since the car needs a new muffler.
Sunday we had the weekly brunch thing going on. Brunch at The Goat is turning out to be one of the highlights of my week. I love the social thing these days. Like to be with people. Also, brunch often leads to other things to occupy one's Sunday.
Sunday evening was a movie night, TRANSPORTER 1 & 2 double feature. They were not great but they were fun enough to keep us up till 2AM. Speaking of movies, Sunday morning we just stayed in bed and watched CALENDAR GIRLS which is a fun movie. Staying in bed and watching a movie was a bit decadent
Monday was a bit more running around, a bit more yard work and house work. Then had a reunion of Friday night dinner at which we presented Neil with his very creatively wrapped birthday gifts.
And that's it for now. I am off to work.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Will & Grace finale tonight. It's all over but the crying...

Well people, here I am again. I am going to try and get back into the groove of doing a daily or at least semi-daily blog. We'll see how it goes.
I am not going to cover everything that I have done but I'll give some highlights. If I miss any events, well I WILL miss some events so deal with it.
I recall a Friday drinking binge, which started about 5 hours late but was still a good time. Best part was the waitress knowing The Captain was gay before I told her. The revolving wait staff was kinda funny too.
Had a great Indian dinner at Meghan and Claire's with Howie and Neil. Claire is such an awesome cook.
I think there may have been a lot of drinking in quite a few venues. Maybe The Captain's indirect influence is getting to me. Well let's not think about that too much. I know I could never keep up with that.
Tonight is the Will & Grace Finale. Gord and Tracy are coming over for it. Always a good time when we all get together, just ask the Denny's staff.
I am, as usual, looking forward to the weekend though all we actually have going on is an evening at Neil and Howie's place on Friday and some painting and yard work for the rest of the weekend. We'll see what really happens. I'm sure stuff will come up.
Okay, that's it for now, I want to ease you all back into it. Seriously people, 24 hits last week looking for a blog. You guys might think about therapy. Surely there is some kind of support group out there for Mike's blog withdrawal.
Later lovers...

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I'm sure they make a pill for this... Some pills are bitter to swallow...

For those of you out there who live for my blog, and you know who you are, I am sorry I have not been keeping at it lately. I could say that there has been nothing to write about but that would be wrong. There has definitely been stuff going on but I have chosen NOT to write about it because as huge as it is I know some would end up making it way bigger. I know my friends are concerned and I would love to say "I'm fine, don't worry about it" but I really can't. I am not fine at all but I really do not want to talk about it at this point with anyone other than the other party involved. I know everyone means well but it's just not something I want to discuss until I have a better handle on it myself. Until then all I ask is that you leave it alone. If I appear to be in a good mood, just go with it. If I seem depressed just go with that too. Telling me to "cheer up" really doesn't help so please don't.
All that being said, hopefully at some point soon things will get back to some kind of normal. It's just going to take some work, some honesty, and some communication. I don't expect anything more of anyone else than I expect from myself.

Monday, May 1, 2006

The trick that became my accountant...

Well another weekend gone. Mom and Dad came back on Friday so we spent a bit of the evening with them. Dan was working all weekend for the big student move out. We went over to Neil and Howie's place for dinner Saturday night along with Meghan & Claire and Bryan. Good times that was. Sunday was all about Brunch at The Goat, some White Mountain ice cream and hanging out at Neil and Howie's again. After that I went and hung out with Dan for his last hour at work. Very good to spend some time with him and watching all the boys was fun too. Mmmmm, boys in sweatpants... Need I say more?
So on the "home" front. I may actually be relenting. I am at least in discussions with Dan about buying the house together. For those of you who don't know I am a little sensitive about this issue having already bought a house with someone and, well, you know. She still has it and I don't. It's not that I don't see Dan's and my relationship continuing, I just have learned to not take anything for granted or to assume anything. Anyway, we are discussing it. We'll see.
One more thing. I had my taxes done finally. Who knew that online pick-up would net me an accountant. Anyway, $324.04 coming back to me.
That's it...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well tonight was a fun evening. COLA came to an end last week. This week we had dinner with Meghan and Claire as we normally do. Tonight we ate at The Merchant as they were part of the Taste For Life fundraiser for HARS and 25% the proceeds for meals there tonight were donated to that organization. Lots of fun, jokes in very bad taste, all in all, a good time.
After dinner we went to The Screening Room to see IMAGINE ME AND YOU, a fun little UK Lesbian comedy. Very enjoyable little film.
So that's it for now. Just want to add that I love my hot lesbians. HA! I did not wait 3 weeks.
Oh and by the way, I picked up the first volume of Season 2 of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Yes Meghan I am a geek.

SOZZLE: A small pan used for carmelizing meat...

...Or A salty Dutch candy. You decide.

Games night with Tracy and Gord and Dan was fun of course. I can only imagine how it would go if we were drinking too... We might have to try that some time. In fact we may have to have a super games night here with everybody.
Tonight is our first AfterCOLA night. Dan and Meghan have their normal hetero tea date. Following that we are all having dinner at The Merchant. Hopefully will be seeing Neil and Howie there as well though Neil did mention something about no restaurants for a while. The last restaurant didn't agree with him the next day. After dinner... I have no idea what's going on. We'll have to figure that out over dinner I guess.
That's all I have for now. Off to work in a few.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Ah Starbucks... "I wish I knew how to quit you"

Well the workday flew by today. Mondays tend to do that which is a good thing to be sure. This evening we went for a walk downtown for coffee at The Goat.
Tomorrow evening is a games night with Tracy and Gord, which should be fun no doubt. Balderdash all the way.
So if any of you haven't heard, the mortgage thing didn't work out so well. Just a little too much other debt at the moment. So in light of that I have decided I really need to try and cut back a bit. I want to do my best to do this and still have a life though. I am going to start with the little things. The Goat is a cheaper evening that Starbucks. So yes I am cutting back on my Starbucks. Not quitting it altogether though. Just making it more of a treat. I want to try and cut back a bit more as well so I can do some of the things I want to do this summer with little or no guilt. In other words I want to give up some quantity for some quality. Overall though I want to reduce my debt. Can I do it? We'll see I guess. I still just want to try and do this on my own.
That's all I gotta say...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's not that they don't like you, they just like me better...

What a weekend!
Saturday was spent fairly quiet. Watched some TV and did a bit of running around. Went to Silver Wok with Neil & Howie and Meghan & Claire. Turned out to be unfortunate for Neil, hopefully he will be feeling better soon. After dinner we headed over to Neil & Howie's place for drinks, dessert and more drinks. It was an evening well spent. After that the lesbians ditched us cuz they had to be up early or something, yeah I hear the crack of 10:30AM comes fast. So the four fags headed to The Foo for drinks and dancing, or in Howie's case a whole lot of tolerating. Anyway, a little drinking and a little dancing later the night was over. By the way, thanks John for that bit of grinding, really any time... Oh and for once it was my turn to send a drunken text message to Gord. Fun.
Sunday we headed down for Brunch. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Funny how only Meghan and Meagan showed up. Seems like the party lasted into the morning for Bryan and Ryan so they slept in. As for Neil and Howie... Seems the Chinese food took a turn for the worst for Neil and he was sick in bed all day. Hope you're feeling better soon.
The rest of Sunday was spent with Meghan doing some shopping here and there. There being Home Depot cuz really, you can't NOT go there.
So now I just want to take a moment to say to Meghan and Claire that whenever I spend time with you both I really FEEL happy. You two are the wind beneath my wings. I just FEEL so lucky to have you in my life. Remember, call me or message any time, Dan won't get jealous. :-)
So I actually feel good going into the week. Not something that usually happens. It is more normal for me to dread heading into Monday. Well, we'll see if it makes any difference to my week.
That's all for now...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A week happily over

WOW... I just read CryWolfe's Blog for Saturday, April 22, 2006. What a week. I need to do the same thing but mine is not going to be near as exciting or upbeat.
It has been since Sunday, April 16, 2006 since I have done a blog with any real content, and that one was pretty light.
So Monday nothing major happened except for one thing that upset me and threw me off for pretty much the rest of the week. It is pretty much resolved now though I have to admit it still bothers me a bit.
Tuesday was me in a grumpy mood at work for the whole day. In the evening Tracy and Gord came over for some games. TRUTH OR DARE JENGA - Not so good. The questions end up being pretty lame. I'll stick to the original, which after a couple drinks is an awesome time. CRANIUM - That game has way too much going on. Definite pass on that one. BALDERDASH - Yeah that's a winner. Need to pick that one up for the next games night with Meghan and Claire. I think it will go over big.
Wednesday... What can I say? 3 appointments and I don't think one of them was successful.
Number one. Mortgage Broker. He sounded positive but really I am not thinking that is going to go far. He suggested getting a co-signer would definitely give me a better chance but I am not too sure I want that.
Number two. Credit Union. That one went nowhere. I think Credit Unions are way too socialist for me. As odd as it sounds I feel more comfortable with a totally capitalistic bank. I know they are trying to screw me they don't hide it.
Number three. The Dentist. Yeah I went for 3 issues that I could tell I had. Missing fillings, chipped tooth, etc. Sat there for almost an hour while he worked then once I had feeling back in my tongue I realized all 3 issues were still there. Apparently he found something I didn't even know about. I am sure he was probably quite clear in what he told me he was doing but really it's not like he can point it out to me. I have no clue what's going on in there. Anyway I do have another appointment to get more done so hopefully the rest will be taken care of next time.
Wednesday also had me invading Dan and Meghan's hetero tea date. Then dinner for which Claire joined us. Then off to COLA. Then 7 of us went to Lonestar for drinks.
Thursday we can pass on for now. Other than to say there was some communication that was long overdue. Still lots more to come I think but one has to start somewhere.
Friday Dan's lovely and sweet friend Dea was in town before heading back to UK so we met her and some friends for drinks at the Queen's Pub. Dea is such a riot. She is in some ways the female version of Gord. Awesome sense of humour, very quick, very sweet, and very charming. Okay so not all that much like Gord. So anyway, that was a good time. Left there around 11PM, thought briefly about heading to The Merchant where a gang from work were hanging out but really just wanted to come home at that point. Over all it has been a very long week and I have been feeling a bit drained.
Tonight we are tentatively booked for Chinese food with Howie, Neil, Meghan and Claire. Followed by drinks at Tango perhaps. Then maybe off to The Foo as we were invited there by Bryan. Apparently everyone associated with Queens and who is a queen is going... Or something like that anyway. So we'll see what happens.
That's it for now. I'll keep y'all posted...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Miss me?

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am still alive.
Been fairly depressed lately. Over several things. Some of which will make it to my blog, some of which will not. Nothing will make it to my blog tonight however since I am going to bed now.
I will post an update soon.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gotta love em when they are Texas-sized...

Just a quick one tonight.
Did a bit of running around today, got a haircut. Dan had Bryan install the new hard drive to go with the new Super CD ROM/DVD ROM Reader/Burner Drive. I am SO getting one too.
Went to Lonestar for drinks with Gordo and his new boyfriend. Very nice time that was. Good company, margaritas and deep fryed squid... Does it get any better. And Mr V, or just plain V as he is now referred to actually spoke. Well he did when Gord and I let him manage to get a word in.
So that's it for now other than I just want to say... Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend...
Gordo, before you comment, you know I love ya right.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Please, not near the children...

Tonight was a good night. Tracy, Gord, Dan and I went to Denny's for dinner. It was so like old times. It was a lot of fun even if it did remind me of how much I miss them both. Tracy has her Dan and they keep pretty busy on the weekends so we don't get to see them much. Gord has the new boyfriend and a bunch of people to keep him busy. He is Mr Popular and he is, rightly so, basking in the warmth. I realized recently that work sucks for me mostly because I don't have many friends there. One left and damn you Jenn for taking holidays. Frankly I have to say that since Gord and Tracy left that building it just makes the place so much less tolerable.
Good weekend coming up I think. Bryan and Ryan coming over for dinner tomorrow night. Spending some time with Gordo and Mr V on Saturday evening. Sunday brings the possibility of a visit from Craig on his way home from visiting his folks. So another busy one but staying close to home.
So here's to my friends. I love you guys.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You say potato...

Tonight was COLA night. Talked about tension points in relationships. Every relationship has at least one. Mine has a couple to be sure but these tension points do not define the relationship. I wish our sex drives jived a bit more, he wishes I was not so dependant on my best friend. Maybe co-dependant is a better description.
I guess its how you handle these tension points that makes all the difference. Sometimes we can correct the issues that bother our partners. Sometimes the issues are beyond our control. Sometimes we choose not to correct the issue and ask our partner to accept us as we are. There is no right or wrong. Idealy we come to a compromise. Ideally one partner does not have to give up (or put up with) more than the other.
I have been sitting here thinking about what to say next. Should I go on to elaborate on some of our issues? I think I'll pass. We know what they are. We deal with them in our own way, even if in some cases that means not dealing with them. Maybe we'll learn to live with them or maybe we will deal with them later. Maybe one of us will blow up about one of them. We'll see. It's not like life would be all that fun if it was totally predictable.
That's it for now. Sorry Gordo, no drama unless you can supply me with some...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Loving the sun, can we get a little heat to go with that?

Today I really have nothing. Went to work, came home, walked to Starbucks for coffee, came home. Chatted a bit, watched TV a bit, chatted some more.
Nice day out. Very sunny but still a bit cool. Summer is coming and it better get here soon.
I will try and have a more eventful tomorrow for y'all...

Saturday, April 8, 2006

IKEA and HOME DEPOT... I should be an honorary lesbian

Well today was a good day. Headed up to IKEA with Meghan and Claire. Drove home with a wardrobe in my lap. That car has a tighter little hole than a virgin boy. And by hole in the car I mean the passage from the trunk to the back seat when the seat is folded down. And by hole in a boy I mean nice sweet virgin ass. But anyway, I digress. We did manage to get all our purchases in the car and then proceeded to head downtown.
Late lunch downtown followed by a bit of shopping. Bought a little gift for Jenn and one for the young lad (who has a boyfriend). Headed home after that but the lesbians could not manage to drive past the HOME DEPOT in Ajax without stopping. Then back on the road heading home.
That was pretty much it, good day, lots of good conversation. Oh and we will be winning 6-49 tonight and opening up THE best gay club ever.
See you there...

Friday, April 7, 2006

Bestest is so a word...

There is this guy who is my best friend. He can be such a dick but I still love him. He is my bestest friend.
So I kind of reasoned out yesterday that one of the things that has had me a bit depressed lately is that I have been missing my best friend. Oh I talk to him every day but don't seem to see him more than once or twice a week lately. He came into town for a drinking binge last night but his drinking buddy was not able to make it so he just hung out here till we decided to take a walk downtown for a couple drinks ourselves.
It was good fun as always. We talked a lot. Seems he had come to the conclusion as well that part of my pissy mood was that he was not around as much. He thought it was because of the new boyfriend but it really goes back further than that. He has made a bunch of new friends and found some new interests, which is not a bad thing. He is one of the popular kids now, which is something I think he really needed. He is just acting his age now, something he has every right to do. I just can't act that age anymore, no matter that I still look 24, I am NOT 24 anymore.
So anyway, being aware of what is bothering me is a big thing. I tend to not be able to pin down the things that are bothering me as they tend so pile up together to get me into a depression. So I will deal with this one. My issue, not anyone else's.
Happy Friday...

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Common Ground Latte and Natural Lube...

Last night we went to the 2006 Outwrite Launch Party hosted by Ryan and Bryan. Had a good time. Ran into many friends. The entertainment was, shall we say... Interesting. The readings were good. The Tantric Massage sounded... Disturbing. We were in line for drinks at the time so we missed seeing it, just heard it. The belly danceing was odd. Some of those girls take the "belly" part pretty seriously. I do have pictures of Miss Tyffanie up there learning the moves.
We won a bottle of Natural lube. Tried it out last night. BEST FUCKING LUBE I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF USING. Did not smell like lube. Did not taste like lube. Stays nice and slippery untill the end. Ah the wonders of hemp.
Common Ground Latte. 10:00PM. Not a good combination if one wants to sleep at all that night. Going to be an interesting day considering I am not going to be home till after 10:00PM tonight.

Monday, April 3, 2006

YO HO HO and a bottle of RUM! Can I just have a Cosmo Instead?

Well lets start by recapping the last few days since I have not been blogging near as much lately as I should be.
Going back to last Wednesday we'll start with COLA. Not a big turnout so not a long meeting. Topic was stereotypes. Not much more to say about it than that. Tea at The Goat after was fun. Was nice to see Ryan and get a chance to chat a bit with him.
Not too much noteworthy happened Thursday or Friday other than watching PIRATES OF THE CARIBEAN Friday night. A pirate's life for me for sure other than we know about me and rum. Never going to happen again.
Saturday Dan's dad was in town and we went barbeque shopping since that is what Dan decided he wanted for his Birthday from his dad. We just finished putting it together tonight.
Saturday night was a do nothing night really. Gordo stopped in for a bit before heading off on his adventures. There had been talk of grabbing some drinks at Tango before they headed out to the bar but in the end I really wasn't up to it since we had to be up early on Sunday morning.
Early to pick up Kim and head to the National Gallery of Canada for a show there. Native artist Norval Morrisseau was featured. It really was an awesome show, really wish Gordo could have come. I think he would have liked it.
Sunday evening was reserved for the highly organized surprise Birthday party for Meghan. Good times. Good crowd. Only one person asked me about my work which to me is always a good party. Poor Meghan was still under the weather, but such a trooper put up with us all for the evening.
So look out for my blog on the evening of the 19th. I have 2 appointments to look into getting a mortgage. Like I have said before, nothing like making an appointment to get rejected. I could just go to the bar for that... LOL. I am trying to be positive, or at least objective. We'll see I guess.
So that's it for now kiddies...

Saturday, April 1, 2006

No Subject

Just wanted to let my loyal readers, all 3 of you, know that I am still alive and kicking. Not sure why I have not been blogging lately. Just have not had much to say I guess. Been feeling a bit depressed of late. Nothing serious, same old things. I'll get over it. Hopefully there will be more to write in the near future. If so y'all wll be the first to know.
Later kids...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

"You ever get cum in your eye Gabriel?... It burrrrrrrns!"

So our plans to go to Barrie were postponed for some time in the future. It didn't take us long to come up with other things to fill our weekend though.
Friday we went on a dinner and a movie date. Saw V FOR VENDETTA, which was quite good. Well worth seeing.
Saturday we did a bit of running around during the day. The evening was spent with the hot lesbians. We met up at Tango for drinks. Twenty different drinks between the four of us, good times. Almost had one of everything. Not gonna do that again. I'll pick one or two and stick to them. My tummy was a bit off by the end of the night. I'm pretty sure I tried EVERY drink that came to the table.
Sunday turned out to be a big surprise. Did our usual brunch at The Goat. The only ones there were Howie and Neil as no one else showed up for some reason. It was quite nice though to have some time with just them. We somehow decided that we needed to see each other's homes so we did just that. Showed off our humble abode then headed over to their place. Well five hours or so later it was time to eat so off we went to The Silver Wok. I really had no idea it was that late. Anyway, a very pleasant afternoon. Very easy conversation. They are definitely good guys.
Gordo don't worry, you can never be replaced. I still love you best of all my friends. Besides, where else can I get such good drama? GAYS OF OUR LIVES is all about you.
By the way, had sex twice this weekend... Very hot!

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Strong like bull"

So I don't tend to write people off but I think I have this week. Funny thing that triggered it too. So the back-story is that since my ex, the asshole, left I got back in touch with my ex-wife. The asshole had pretty much cut me off from her, which due to weakness of character on my part I let him do. Reconnecting with her was pretty awesome I thought. I mean you can't really deny the history and really if she was a man she would have been perfect for me and we would still be together. Anyway, I digress. So after that reunion and promises that we are going to stay in touch this time she got herself a boyfriend and that was it. She has no interest in our friendship. Well I had a very hard time with that for a while. I thought she was stronger of character than that. So the trigger you ask... The new boyfriend smokes so she took up the habit again. Odd trigger but I guess it drove home that she might not be as strong of character as I thought. Or maybe I am stronger than I thought I was... Anyway, she has her life and I have mine and I am moving on. So Lynn, I love you, even miss you, will always be here if you need me, but I'm done trying. Have a good life; I do think you deserve it.
That's about all I have for tonight. I am just so fucking tired right now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicken soup for the queer soul

So I am going to start my blog off tonight with a story I heard that I thought was so sweet and which exemplifies the changes that have happened in the last 10 or 20 years. Yesterday Claire went in to meet Meghan at work. Meghan introduced her around to her coworkers as her partner. Today one of Meghan's coworkers, someone 10 or so years older than me, came out to her. You almost have to be my age or older to understand how difficult that is for some people. This person will likely remain in the closet because of the stigma that people even 10 years younger than me likely would not understand. I'm not even going to bother explaining it. Suffices to say it really is so much easier to be "out" now than it was when I was 20.
So COLA was interesting. All about fetishes. Made for a good lively discussion. The common belief I think is that a fetish is a dirty thing but more people have them that realize they do.
So the weekend. May not be going to Barrie. Already have back up plans to go with the girls to Tango for a drink or two. Last time I had martinis my pants came down in public so who knows what might happen. :-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today is yesterday's tomorrow's blog

Today was just another typical day at work. I lived through it as I always seem to but really it is becoming a struggle. Three more days to go.
Tomorrow is COLA night so at least I have dinner with Meghan, Claire and Dan, the meeting, and tea afterwards to look forward to. It may be sad but it really helps me get through my day.
Tonight we had Kim over for dinner and it was a very pleasant evening. Dan is such a good cook I think I will keep him forever. I think we are going to try and have Kim over like this every couple weeks.
Last night, or rather this morning, Mr Wolfe stumbled in. As is usually the way, I laid down with him for a de-briefing of his evening's events. It wasn't a long one this time as he quickly drifted off to well needed sleep.
I think That's all I've got.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

How much vodka does it take to get me on stage...

Well what can I say, the weekend was a BLAST. We went to Toronto to spend the weekend with Emma. Museums, shopping, drinking. The true city experience. Did the GEHRY Exhibit at the AGO, MILNE as well. Walked past the renovations at The ROM. It's not looking too good. I mean it looks awesome as far as structures go but I have to agree with Emma that they are ruining the original building instead of embellishing it.
Shopping was also a blast. Bloor Street is awesome and has the best ever WINNERS. It might have ruined any other WINNERS for me. Good finds at H&M as well thanks to Em.
Saturday evening was sushi dinner then off to Church Street for drinking. Started at LUB for Candy Apple Martinis that are even better than mine. Just add vodka, don't mind if I do. Then off to Crews. There was a line up so forget that, off to Woodys. Lots of drinks to be had. There was a "Best Legs" contest going on so of course Emma and I had to take a closer look. Somehow I ended up on stage with my pants around my ankles and a drag queen commenting on my underwear. I swear Emma made me do it. That's the story I am sticking to anyway. Anyways, that was followed by more vodka, then THE WEDDING CRASHERS back at Emma's place. Yeah, I fell asleep about 10 minutes into the movie.
Sunday was a sleep in, casual breakfast, BATA Shoe Museum day. All fun, all day. Then we hit the road and came home.
All-in-all, a great weekend. Next weekend; Barrie. I'll try to keep my pants on.

Friday, March 17, 2006

And the old black rum's got a hold on me

Well last night was Mr Wolfe's Positively Negative Lushfest 2006. All I have to say is I am NEVER drinking rum again. One rum and coke and I am feeling it today. Okay, it was mixed by the Captain so it was mighty powerful, and it was followed by another drink at Tir Nan Og later but it did hit me harder than it should have. Now it didn't make me all that drunk, just made me feel like crap today. I will so stick to my vodka.
Mr Wolfe had a good time. As much as I am over-protective I did leave him in Tracy's care and she did get him home in one piece. Physically in one piece anyway. Thank goodness for Tracy because I had actually left him in the Captain's care but he followed Dan, Jenn and I halfway home, with a drink in his hand no less. Still not sure where he ended up, last we saw him was on Queen St.
So this morning was like Grand Central Station around here. Drove Dan to work. Came back home and called in sick. Went back to bed. Phone rang several times. Doorbell rang. There was this beautiful policeman at my door. Wished he was a stripper but unfortunately not. My housemate's work asked him to stop by to see if he could come in to work today (that was a couple of those phone calls this morning). As it turns out we were not the only ones out partying last night, Brett was not in shape to go into work.
We are off to Toronto this evening to spend the weekend with Emma. Not really sure what is in store for me over the next couple days but I am sure it will be memorable.
No more blog till Sunday night at the earliest.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hot Lesbian Triumphs and The Mating Rituals of The Wolfe

I am going to start off tonight's blob by congratulating Claire on the success of her pan sodium channel antibody test which she has been trying to get to work for a while now. Claire, your excitement about it was truly infectious. Gay Dan and I are both proud and excited.
So today was the day that wouldn't end at work. Or so it seemed. It actually did end though. Then it was a quick stop at home then down to The Copper Penny to meet Dan, Meghan and Natasha for dinner. Then off to COLA to discuss ex-partners. More swapping stories than discussing. Did I call it right when I said Natasha was going to have the most stories... I did.
After COLA was the traditional tea at The Goat. A little more discussion. Then home to see Gordo off on his date. Go get 'im Gordo...
That's it for now...

Monday, March 13, 2006

A target on my back with Gord's name written all over it...

Okay, I am going to admit something here today that is likely going to cause me some grief. Here goes... Wait for it... Here it is...
This week I have been feeling old. Not old in the tired or achy sense. Old in the sense that I am feeling time running out. Now that sounds dramatic and that is not how I mean it. I have just been thinking about where I am at in life. I am starting to look into a mortgage to buy my house. A mortgage runs 25 years. So I will own the house about when I am ready to retire. It just seems a bit odd to me. There is so much I want to do with the place and I figure I will never be able to afford to do it until after I own it and really I feel I might be too old to enjoy it then.
Okay I admit that intellectually I know this does not really make all that much sense. I mean really 65 is not all that old anymore. And at least I know that when I am 65 I will only look 40 anyway. Still, it has kinda been on my mind.
So take your best shot Mr Wolfe. I know you want to. And I'll still love you anyway after you do.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sex, Drugs and Booze... Well two outta three ain't bad...

Oh my! I have not posted a blog since Thursday. There is definitely something wrong with that.
Friday night was interesting. Went to a birthday party just up the street. Well I hang out with a pretty young crowd. This crowd was pretty young but was definitely not MY crowd. I don't really care about drug use but I hate when people are so wasted that they become annoying. To be fair the more annoying people tend to be wasted on alcohol as opposed to drugs. Anyway, point is I was not particularly comfortable there since I really didn't know anyone there besides Dan, Gord and Doug. And Curtis and Greg too I guess, if only by reputation. Point is I really never have liked "house parties" unless I know more than 75% the people there. It's just a comfort level thing. Anyway, we came home by 2AM unlike other's who wandered in at about 7:30AM.
Saturday was spent doing some running around getting ready for the small dinner we were hosting. Dan and I have wanted to do dinner parties for some time now and finally did one. Okay so it was only one couple I still say it was a party. Besides, we decided we need a new dining room table that will seat more than 4 people before we do a proper party. I find I enjoy myself much more when I am in a more intimate setting. I don't enjoy small talk but I love conversation. And I tell ya, JENGA rocks. I am so going out to buy TRUTH OR DARE JENGA.
So some would say I was a bit excessive on the candles last night but I really like the effect. I don't much care for the two candles that dripped wax all over the place though. Oh well, small price to pay I guess. Still need to clean up one of those messes.
Today we did brunch at The Goat. Crowded as hell but we managed to scavenge a table for 11. That was tricky let me tell you. I find I am really enjoying these brunches. I guess after so long of having no social life I am really enjoying having one. It feels good to me to be with a group of people and still feel comfortable. I think I tend to be intimidated by people and feel like I am going to say something stupid or something. The more I am with people the more I realize it's okay. Just be myself. Anyway, moving on.
Today we did a bit more shopping. Looking for a file cabinet and of course a dining room table. No luck but I came so close to buying a 37" LCD TV. If the salesman had been a bit hotter it just might have happened.
Okay, that's it for now. Might be more later.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

John Mayer is in my head...

Something's missing
And I don't know how to fix it
Something's missing
And I don't know what it is
At all

One more day till the weekend. So looking forward to that.
For some reason lately I kinda feel like life is slipping by and I am not getting much accomplished. Beyond the obvious goal that anyone who reads my blog knows about I am not even sure what it is that I want to accomplish.
Really I am just feeling a bit frustrated these days.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

A freaky assed rainbow of colours

COLA night tonight. Started with dinner with Meghan and Claire and of course ended with tea at The Goat. Tonights topic was PORN. We had fun with it. Not much more to say about it than that. If you want to know more you should come to the meeting.
I am really quite ready for the weekend. It has already been a long week and I still have 2 days left. They are painting at work and I am not sure if it is the fumes or everybody bitching about the fumes that gave me the headache. Maybe it was the random and grotesque choice of colours used. What is it with corporate decorating; just a bunch of random colours on random walls. Why not just pick a colour and go with it. From my cubicle I can see a vile green, off white, red and purple. I hear there is a mustard yellow still to come on one wall that hasn't been done yet. That's 5 colours just from my desk. That really is a bit freaky.
Well now I must go pick up Mr Wolfe from work and ferry the fairy to the ferry. TTFN

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Mr Wolfe, Defender of Honour!

Well in case I gave the wrong idea in last night's blog I just want to let you all know I am not angry. Just sharing some feelings. Thanks for caring though Mr Wolfe. I know you're there for me but it was just a little rant.
As for who it was that thought my blog was boring, I was one of them. I just found that all I had lately was a rundown of my day. Not generally all that fascinating. So again Mr Wolfe, I love ya but my honour needs no defending on this issue either.
Not going to bother recapping today since all it was was work and Starbucks this evening. Tomorrow is COLA, preceded by dinner with Meghan and Claire. Followed by coffee at The Goat. Tomorrow is Dan's first time facilitating the group. The subject is PORN. Sounds fun to me.
Guess that's it for now.