Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hump day happiness!

Today is hump day. Well it would have been if I wasn't calling in sick on Friday. Anyway, Wednesday night is what gets me through my week. It is something to look forward to without having to wait till the weekend.
Wednesdays is Dan's and my dinner night with Meghan & Clair and Howie & Neil. Tonight was Atomica and I had my regular pasta dish there. I say regular because I had it once before and loved it and since I was going to be late I thought it easier for Dan to just order me something I knew I was going to like.
Of course Dinner was followed up by COLA which I actually really do enjoy. I am not sure why I enjoy it but I think some of it has to do with the fact that I so wish I had of had that kind of resource 20 years ago. It definitely would have changed my life. I also like the thought that something I might say there, some experience I had, may help someone else feel better about themselves. I am the last person I would describe as maternal but I do like the thought of helping or taking care of people. I want people to have a better go of being gay than I did. I have a rainbow sticker on my car and it has nothing to do with my pride. It has everything to do with someone seeing it and realizing they are not alone. I wish I had seen more rainbow stickers in my time. WOW... It is so hard for me to think back to when I wasn't out. It seems like centuries ago. To those of you who like to poke fun at my age... Shut up... I know what you are thinking. LOL
Okay this turned into a ramble which it was not meant to be. Lets just leave it at "I like Wednesdays" because that's all I got.
Mark, I really had nothing to do with that email address exchange. Really. So, how was the ride home?
Oh and a big special thanks to Dan for mentioning Battlestar Galactica. The show that I can't watch myself because he wants to see the episodes too. Yeah he didn't mention that did he? No I don't think so.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just a few additional points about the weekend...

Didn't go to Woody's and drop my pants in front of the entire bar.
Did get assaulted by a lesbian who thought I was just the hottest thing ever.
Did come home with almost $200.00 worth of dildos, butt plugs and lube in the trunk. None of it ours.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend update

Had a fantastic weekend. Howie and Neil and Dan and I went to Toronto Saturday. Started at Ikea. Then Church St for lunch. AGO for the Warhol Exhibit... Weird shit that was. H&M for some shopping, didn't buy a thing. What the hell is wrong with me? I LOVE H&M. I guess it's because I didn't have Emma there with me. She is such a bad influence on me and I love her for it. Coffee and boy watching. Slack's for dinner. Was quite good. Then the rest of the evening at Crews & Tango. Not bad drag show. Michelle Ross, Farra N Heit. Ran into Aaron, such the cutie he is. Got home without incident at about 3:30AM.
Got up around 10AM for Sunday Brunch. Good turnout, Tracy and Dan came. Jenn came, and of course all the regulars were there. After that, a bit of shopping, came home, the folks dropped in. Then Tracy and Dan came by for a movie and some "apple" pie. Nice evening, they should stay in town more often.
Today, work, was just a day. Neither good nor bad. Went for our walk/coffee downtown. Walked home in the rain. Chatted a bit. Watched some TV. Chatted a bit more. Now going to bed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shitty fucking day...

Had some good days at work over the last little while. Now a good day at work is simply a day that goes by that I don't want to kill myself. Yesterday was not a good day. Today was 100 times worse. It's not really a big deal. In their infinite wisdom they have decided to add four more hours to our work week. That potentially means I will be stuck in that hellhole till 8:00PM some nights. Foremost on my mind is how that is possibly going to fuck up my Wednesday nights. I am NOT happy.
Highest point of the day was telling my supervisor how difficult it was for me to make it through a regular 8-hour day as it is. She had no idea how to respond to that. It was just funny watching her shift in her seat looking, uncomfortable.
Good stuff: Got to chat with Gordo a bit. Things seem to be going really well with him and Rob, which is cool. I have decided I have empty nest syndrome when it comes to Gord. He was so in my life for a while there. We talked every day, saw each other every second day at least. I just kinda got used to having him around. It felt good to be needed. Now I have to realize my boy is growing up and needs to be on his own. He doesn't need me as much anymore. He knows I will be here for him if he needs me and I know that if I needed him he would be here for me.
That's about all I have for now. Other than that my new friend Mark is thinking of moving into town which will make it easier to hang out more... We introduced him to The Goat last night. Can't wait to introduce him to Starbucks...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So tonight was the first COLA Meeting since classes ended in the spring. Not a bad turnout, would have been better if QUAQE (pronounced quack, like the sound a duck makes) had of picked another night for their "Faculty and Staff Perspective" thingy. Anyway it was a good meeting and I finally got to meet Mark. Mark who said he was SO shy but did manage to speak up at the meeting. Mark who did come to The Goat after the meeting. Mark who managed to be not as shy as he said he was. Mark who was checking out the other new guy who was pretty cute. Anyway, Mark has been upgraded from the group to the Friends group on my MSN. Always cool when that happens.
So other than that, COLA was preceded by dinner at JJ's with Howie and Neal, and Meghan. Claire was stuck at work. Both Meghan and Claire were noticeably absent from COLA, probably doing it in the lab instead.
Dinner was preceded by a shitty day at work. Not going to bother with the details, there really is no point.
Chatted with Gord a bit via SMS. Makes me realize that I miss him. I could probably use a team of therapists to go over this disfunctional relationship. Anyway, we need to try and get together some time. Really would like to get to know Rob a bit more too.
Well that's it for now, need to get this posted ASAP since someone is waiting to read it...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Posting as requested Dan...

Well I was told it was time to post a new blog so here it is.
First off. The TV is fuckin' awesome. Well it's just a TV but I really like it. Gonna come in handy over the winter. I am hoping to catch up on my movies and such.
So just when you thought it was safe to go back to work... I think I managed 4 days in a row (okay there was a weekend in between) where they didn't piss me off. Till today. They managed it. I will spare you all the details but I will say again: I hate my job SO much.
So nothing too exciting on the weekend. Sorry to say the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair was a write off though, of course it was nice to see Meghan and Claire. Almost got the oppertunity to visit New York City in October but that has dematerialized. New possibility coming in May, updates forthcoming.
Monday: Coffee at The Goat with Tracy and Dan.
Tuesday: Work. Yeah, this close to going postal.
Tuesday evening: ReelOut had a screening of some music videos, all by gay artists or with a gay theme. A very promising idea. A very poor execution. Also very poor turnout. Too bad.
That brings you all up to date. Tomorrow is the first meeting of COLA since the spring. Looking forward to it. I am going to finally meet in person another myspacer that I have been chatting with for a while now. That should be cool. I am sure I will blog about it.
That's it for now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dell, where the fuck are you?

Oh, stuck at customs... GREAT!

So yeah, apparently my TV has been at the border since Sunday. I am so NOT a happy camper. I will be calling Dell tomorrow to relay my unhappiness to them. Not that it will likely make any difference.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A day in the life...

Just a quick update.
Still at my crappy job, no new prospects at this time. I am sure something will come up.
Biggest news I have is 32" big. I purchased a 32" LCD TV from Dell. My good friend and tech support guy Bryan sent me the link to this TV that was $400.00 off at Dell, one day only. We checked it out. Dan did lots of research of course. It checked out so I ordered it. Simple.
Well, since nothing is simple for me, here is how the rest goes...
Dell is great to inform you of the estimated delivery date when you order something. Always remember the definition of the word ESTIMATED. The estimated delivery date was today. So guess who called in sick so he could be home to receive the delivery? Yeah that would be ME. At some point this afternoon the estimated delivery date was changed to tomorrow.
Oh well I did get lots done around the house. Hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow, or at least delivery will be attempted since no one will be here to accept it. If so,I will be able to pick it up Thursday morning before heading to work. Lets all keep our fingers crossed.
On another note, a good friend of mine who I chat with was talking to me about my anxiety attack from a couple weeks ago. I did not really think too much about it but apparently they can become quite serious. So I will be keeping an eye on it. Hopefully I won't have another one ever again anyway.
So thats it, thats all...

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Recapping events in the life of ME!

So it is time to get everyone caught up. My last blog was about my anxiety attack, which has not recurred thank goodness. It has pretty much been confirmed that it was an anxiety attack. Having never had one I didn't know for sure but from what others tell me that was pretty much it.
So Wednesday was pretty eventless other than finding out that I have somehow been pissing off Gord. Only fair since he has pissed me off too. I guess it is to be expected that that will happen. We haven't been spending much time together lately and we both seem to be blaming the other. Interests have changed, priorities have changed. It happens. We still love each other and he knows I will always be his go to guy if he needs me. It is a friendship without conditions. I am confident that no matter what if I needed him he would be there for me too.
Wednesday dinner was missing Neil who had another drunken engagement. Meghan & Claire, Howie, Dan and I dined at Sol Latino. Food: Mediocre. Service: Slow as hell. The 10% discount for the slowness helped only a tiny bit. Verdict: I won't suggest going back.
Thursday was an interesting day work-wise. As soon as I walked on the floor I was told not to bother getting my systems up because we were getting crash training on Offline Activations. Apparently the end of the month crept up on Offline and they were way behind so we were all pulled to help out for the day. Sweet deal. No calls, they didn't have to ask me twice.
Thursday evening Dad came by to steal my TV back to return it to my niece. Shopping for a 32-37" LCD TV now. Might be a while before I can do that. Maybe I'll ask Santa for more Best Buy Gift Cards for Christmas. After the traumatic experience of losing my TV I went down to The Brew Pub to meet Dan and his coworkers who had been drinking since 4PM. Logan was too rowdy for the waitress so we headed to The Toucan. I started with a double to catch up but by the time I had my second drink the party was breaking up.
Friday at work sucked. I did get a huge helium balloon, pink, in the shape of a "4" for my QA score. Hardly a highlight. Got coaching. Too many long lunches, shame on me. Came home, Cambodiana for dinner, The Goat for coffee, Tracy joined us there, YAY! Then home.
So that brings us up to the point where I decided to head to The Foo to meet up with Gordo, Rob and their friends, Mikey was there too. Dan was not up to it so he stayed home. I walked over to Foo's with $20.00 in my pocket, had a few drinks and chatted with Gordo. It was nice. I didn't get hit on which is always a bit of a dissapointment but that's life. Can't expect too much once you hit 40 I guess. Mikey was DD, driving Trevor's Aztek but there seemed to be too many people so despite the offer of a ride home I did the walk. Most of the way up Victoria Street (or whatever street that was I was walking on) I got to listen to a girl argue with her boyfriend who wanted to take a piss somewhere along the way. She wouldn't let him. Well I really had to pee and all that talk about it wasn't helping. I was very tempted to find a shrub and let go to see what would happen when they caught up with me. I did however hold it till I got home. On my way home I composed a long and fully punctuated text message to Gordon that I did make it home safe. It was a bit of a lie since I sent it when I was just walking on to Thomas Street. I did however make it the rest of the way safe though.
That's it. Today I let the boy sleep in. Two loads of laundry on the go, some errands to run, dinner at Meghan & Claire's. Fun, fun, fun.
YAY! Long weekend.