Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Bitch is Back...

...And she is toying with me.

So when I got home last night Penny was all happiness and kisses. I normally don't let her kiss me as she has horrible breath but she gets away with a lot these days. She was fairly energetic but I was not so it was a quick trip outside and off to bed.

This morning she was still the happy puppy. So there we go.

I just have to stop thinking every bad morning, afternoon, evening or night means the end.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The beginning of the bad days...

Today is not a good day for Penny. She spent most of the morning on the couch sleeping and even the offer of going outside for a pee didn't excite her the way it normally does. She walked to the edge of the deck then turned around and came back in. We had a pretty restless night, her breathing is a little more laboured lately. It's like she has a cold, she snores.

Dan told her she had to make it through the week while he is away in Victoria but today I have this feeling that the time is near. To be honest though I have had this feeling before and she has turned around on me.

I will leave things there as I am blogging from Starbucks and my eyes are welling up a bit.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wisdom from Starbucks...

Forget jeans, a good pair of dresspants shows the best guy booty ever. Just sayin' is all

Friday, April 24, 2009

One tough little bitch...

So just an update on Miss Penny. After diagnosis she was put on Prednisone which the vet suggested could extend her life by a month or so. Well I had to refill her perscription because though the symptoms have come back, she is still hanging in there. The symptoms were expected to come back and my impression was that it would be a quick downhill run from there. Well the physical symptoms have been back for a week or so but she still has her energy, unlike before the drugs. She is going up and down the stairs and jumping on the bed and couch herself. In fact she doesn't seem to want any help.

So as long as she can eat, drink and bark I figure she is doing fine. I have a suspision she is hanging on so she can continue to enjoy "cheese time" every morning. I wrap her pills in bits of processed cheese slices as it is by far the easiest way to give her pills. Jessie also enjoys cheese time, as I can't leave her out. Cheese less the pills of course. Anyway, cheese slices are a small price to pay to keep her around a little longer.

I was unsure at the beginning if it was better that it wasn't sudden but now I am pretty sure that for me it was. It is going to suck when I have to say goodbye but I am happy to have time to get used to the idea of having to say it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time flies...

Even when you are not having fun.

I can't say there has been no fun at all. Definitely had a good weekend with friends and shopping and brunch and coffees. All the usual events that make up my weekends and my life. Plenty more of that to come I'm sure.

Work: After just a couple weeks in my new department I have been voluntold to go into training to go back to Business Care. For those of you who recall my last time in Business Care you might remember that it was a definite low point in my time working there. Now the plus side of this new move is that we no longer have Inbound Business Care. The department is now completely offline. This means I will not be taking calls from pissed off people who are too dumb to be able to read their bills or people who think their children would never rack up hundreds of dollars in text messaging. Now I will just be processing email requests to change rate plans and upgrade handsets. The work should be better but the hours, not so much. Oh well at least I still have weekends off.

Penny: The Prednisone worked fast when we started her on it but Penny is starting to show some of the original symptoms again. Otherwise she is still doing well. Her energy level is a bit lower than usual but she's still got bark left in her. In fact since the inflamation around her throat has not come back she is able to bark again. She does love to bark. I think it is one of her favourite things to do. I wonder if I will miss that barking too... Decision time is coming but I think we still have a bit of time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's been a week...

After having at least five people separately telling me I look tired (AKA I look like shit) I realized I actually feel like shit. It has been a particularly busy week; training at work, vet, gym, QDG, concert, reelout board meeting, brunch, coffees, etc. I know that is a balance of required and optional items but all are equally important to me. I wouldn't pass up coffee with Meghan after the gym or coffee and errands with Kim just to sit home and "rest" any more than I would skip work or the board meeting. That being said I do feel like I haven't been home much lately. I am sure I am more sensitive to that due to the fact that my time left with Penny is ticking away. When I am home I have her close all the time. I'm sure she thinks I am cracked. The fact is I feel guilty for not being home much with her.

All that being said I actually took a little ME time today. Sat at Starbucks and read for a bit. It was nice but really, I just wanted to get home to be here for a bit before I head in to work. Especially knowing I will just be stopping in long enough to let the dogs out before heading to QDG tonight after work.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We'll see.