Monday, September 14, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I'm slacking...

I know I haven't even blogged part three of my New Brunswick Family Holiday, AKA The Voyage Home. Nor in fact have I blogged much at all. Here is a little tidbit for you all to keep you going.

Subtitle: Wanted: Dead or Alive, 2002 Pontiac Sunfire, Bright Yellow.

I have been pulled over by the cops 6 times in my life. Three of those times have been in the car I have been driving for just over a year. One of those times was for speeding which was totally legit. The second time I was questioned about the vehicle and who owned it and was let go. The cop told me he thought it was a different vehicle. The third time I was pulled over was only semi-legit. The cop who pulled me over did a u-turn to follow me then stopped me because my tags were expired. That was a $110.00 fine. Something made him want to follow me which led him to notice the tags. Makes me wonder what criminal is driving around town in one of the few other bright yellow Sunfires.

Incidentally the expired tags was a procrastination thing. I went to get them only a few days into September but then discovered I needed an E-Test. I had one scheduled for 2 days after I got pulled over.

So perhaps $110.00 will keep me from procrastinating in the future but I doubt it.