Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Why haven't I seen strippers yet? So many times I have been to Toronto and I have yet to go see the strippers. I want to but it just never seems to happen. Probably won't get the chance to go when I am there for Pride. I really need to work on that.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I mixed Lub and Woody's again...

Well it has been a while but yet another has commented on the lack of postings so this one is dedicated to Ryan.
We had a great long weekend. Headed up to Toronto on Saturday morning. Fashionably late of course. Picked up Ryan from his suburban hell on our way by. Then into the city and picked up the other half of the home team and headed to the hotel to check in then for a walkabout downtown. Managed to not spend any money there.
We then headed out to Oakville for the wedding reception which was our excuse for heading into the city in the first place. The reception was nice. Thats about all I can say about it. Well I guess I should add OPEN BAR! So there was my pre-drinking all set up for me. One shooter, 4 cocktails, then back to the hotel to change and head out with the boys.
Started at Lub for a $9.00 Candy Apple Martini. Guess they have to pay for that Restaraunt Makeover somehow. After that it was off to Woody's where we watched but did not participate in the best legs contest. Read this post if you want to know more about the last time I mixed Lub and Woody's. After that it was back to the room after seeing Bryan and Ryan to the subway station.
Sunday morning we headed up to spend some time with Emma. What happens when Emma and I get together? My VISA Card gets a run through the terminal at H&M. To the tune of $205.00 it was. But I got some great finds. Only in European sizes could I possibly take a size Large in underwear. After shopping we grabbed lunch and watched a movie with Em. Oh I also got a pair of skater shoes at the Winners on Bloor. I kept the receipt because I wanted to make sure they were Howie-approved. They were approved but I need to add a second set of laces to step them up. No pun intended.
After all the shopping and hanging out with Emma we went back to Bry's to pick up Ry. After some contemplation about kidnapping Ryan and bringing him back to Kingston it was decided that we really should be responsible and drop him back in suburban hell.
Monday was a mow the lawn, walk downtown and head over to Howie & Neil's to wish Neil a Happy Birthday day.
So that about covers it. All-in-all a very fun weekend. Next weekend the city boys are back in town. Should be another good time.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekend Update

So, a rather typical weekend. I know that saying it that way might make you think that I mean it in a bad way. Like I am using the word typical to mean mundane. I however generally have a lot of fun on my weekends so a typical weekend is a good thing. Generally speaking my weekends involve my friends. No exception this weekend. A bit of car shopping, now I am all horny about the MAZDA 3. Pizza at Howie & Neil's. Games. Friends. Fun. Sunday Brunch. A couple of walks downtown. Coffee. All in all, a very good weekend. Oh I forgot to mention that it started early since I only worked for 2 hours on Friday before I bailed.
So now, heading into a new week. I find I am not that bothered about the fact that I am back to work tomorrow. Odds are it will not take long before I am not in a good way there, but I am going to try and head into it in as good a mood as possible. Its not like I can change it. Tuesday is payday, that's a good thing. Wednesday is my short day, there's something to look forward to. Basically my plan is to putter through the week as best I can. The warm weather is here. Walking downtown, coffee, friends. It all gets me through the week.
A few things on my mind these days:
1) Selling the piece of land. We really need to get going on that. Between the taxes we pay on it and the interest I pay on the loans etc. that I have it really is costing a lot of money to hold on to it.
2) The car. Do I put money into it? Shoulld I keep it another year or get rid of it before it does cost me too much?
3) Toronto Pride. Kicks off my holidays. Very much looking forward to it.
I am sure there is more but it escapes me right now. I'm sure it will show up in future blogs.
Thats it for now faithful readers. All 3 or 4 of you. G'night...