Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Random thoughts, events, and feelings...

Yeah, I know... It's been a while...
Thought: So weekly dinner night with Meghan & Claire and Howie & Neil has been changed to Thursday nights. It seems SO much longer to wait now. The weeks seem to be dragging on. Not that we have exactly been staying home or anything. I do look forward to getting together with the gang every week.
Event: Last night we went to The Brass for wings. That was fun even though we were suposed to do it with Emma who had to cancel her visit this week. Maybe next time Em...
Event: Managed to get Gord to Brunch at The Goat last Sunday. I have been trying to get him there for a while now but really most sunday mornings he is just going to bed as we are getting up. You can read his thoughts about it in his
blog entry. Along with all the other events in his life for that week.
Feelings: It seems I am feeling a bit better about money this week. I realized that I am not in overdraft near as much as I used to be. I seem to be getting caught up, even throwing in the unexpected $150.00 for a new muffler. I at least feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. Do keep in mind this can all come crashing down at any point. :-)
Event: Last Saturday was our night to have the gang over for dinner and it was a good night for sure. Mom had her yard sale that day and I made $85.00 which prompted me to go to the LCBO and spend $108.00. Yeah it was a good day for sure.
Well that is all I have time for... More to come...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The long weekend report...

So much for more regular blogs. I don't even remember where the last one left off...
Ahh yes. The Will & Grace Finale. That was a good evening with Tracy and Gord. Allergies my ass Gordo.
Friday night was spent at Howie & Neil's place. The Kingston lesbians and the Toronto lesbians were there as well. Enough food for at least 8 more people. Good times.
Saturday was spent doing some running around, a bit of yard work, then off to Mom & Dad's for dinner and tech support. Pretty much have their new computer up and running now. I have the old one here, just waiting a couple weeks to make sure they have everything off it before I wipe it and start over again. Fun and games I say. By the way, what the hell possessed me to order a new battery for it already. Really that was $100 bucks I did not need to spend right now, especially since the car needs a new muffler.
Sunday we had the weekly brunch thing going on. Brunch at The Goat is turning out to be one of the highlights of my week. I love the social thing these days. Like to be with people. Also, brunch often leads to other things to occupy one's Sunday.
Sunday evening was a movie night, TRANSPORTER 1 & 2 double feature. They were not great but they were fun enough to keep us up till 2AM. Speaking of movies, Sunday morning we just stayed in bed and watched CALENDAR GIRLS which is a fun movie. Staying in bed and watching a movie was a bit decadent
Monday was a bit more running around, a bit more yard work and house work. Then had a reunion of Friday night dinner at which we presented Neil with his very creatively wrapped birthday gifts.
And that's it for now. I am off to work.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Will & Grace finale tonight. It's all over but the crying...

Well people, here I am again. I am going to try and get back into the groove of doing a daily or at least semi-daily blog. We'll see how it goes.
I am not going to cover everything that I have done but I'll give some highlights. If I miss any events, well I WILL miss some events so deal with it.
I recall a Friday drinking binge, which started about 5 hours late but was still a good time. Best part was the waitress knowing The Captain was gay before I told her. The revolving wait staff was kinda funny too.
Had a great Indian dinner at Meghan and Claire's with Howie and Neil. Claire is such an awesome cook.
I think there may have been a lot of drinking in quite a few venues. Maybe The Captain's indirect influence is getting to me. Well let's not think about that too much. I know I could never keep up with that.
Tonight is the Will & Grace Finale. Gord and Tracy are coming over for it. Always a good time when we all get together, just ask the Denny's staff.
I am, as usual, looking forward to the weekend though all we actually have going on is an evening at Neil and Howie's place on Friday and some painting and yard work for the rest of the weekend. We'll see what really happens. I'm sure stuff will come up.
Okay, that's it for now, I want to ease you all back into it. Seriously people, 24 hits last week looking for a blog. You guys might think about therapy. Surely there is some kind of support group out there for Mike's blog withdrawal.
Later lovers...

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I'm sure they make a pill for this... Some pills are bitter to swallow...

For those of you out there who live for my blog, and you know who you are, I am sorry I have not been keeping at it lately. I could say that there has been nothing to write about but that would be wrong. There has definitely been stuff going on but I have chosen NOT to write about it because as huge as it is I know some would end up making it way bigger. I know my friends are concerned and I would love to say "I'm fine, don't worry about it" but I really can't. I am not fine at all but I really do not want to talk about it at this point with anyone other than the other party involved. I know everyone means well but it's just not something I want to discuss until I have a better handle on it myself. Until then all I ask is that you leave it alone. If I appear to be in a good mood, just go with it. If I seem depressed just go with that too. Telling me to "cheer up" really doesn't help so please don't.
All that being said, hopefully at some point soon things will get back to some kind of normal. It's just going to take some work, some honesty, and some communication. I don't expect anything more of anyone else than I expect from myself.

Monday, May 1, 2006

The trick that became my accountant...

Well another weekend gone. Mom and Dad came back on Friday so we spent a bit of the evening with them. Dan was working all weekend for the big student move out. We went over to Neil and Howie's place for dinner Saturday night along with Meghan & Claire and Bryan. Good times that was. Sunday was all about Brunch at The Goat, some White Mountain ice cream and hanging out at Neil and Howie's again. After that I went and hung out with Dan for his last hour at work. Very good to spend some time with him and watching all the boys was fun too. Mmmmm, boys in sweatpants... Need I say more?
So on the "home" front. I may actually be relenting. I am at least in discussions with Dan about buying the house together. For those of you who don't know I am a little sensitive about this issue having already bought a house with someone and, well, you know. She still has it and I don't. It's not that I don't see Dan's and my relationship continuing, I just have learned to not take anything for granted or to assume anything. Anyway, we are discussing it. We'll see.
One more thing. I had my taxes done finally. Who knew that online pick-up would net me an accountant. Anyway, $324.04 coming back to me.
That's it...