Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emergency Clubbing Road Trip

So on my last day shift at work I am sitting there waiting to go home when I get a text message from Neil telling me he is booking a couple rooms for us at the Sheraton in Toronto. Well I actually thought he was asking if we wanted to go but really by the time we decided we were in it was already booked. Well for me I think it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.
Saturday morning we all piled into the car with our Starbucks beverages and started out on our journey. We got to the hotel and checked in, did some shopping then headed back to settle into the rooms. Somewhere in all that we hooked up with Bry and Ry, did dinner and hit the pool. A bit of the drink up in the rooms then off to Church Street. The original idea was to hit Tango & Crews but the line up was too long so off to Woody's. Well we all know that Saturday night is the Best Legs Contest at Woody's. We know this from an earlier blog you may or may not have read. Well I did manage to NOT drop my pants this time though I was approached by the fabulous Sofonda Cox who again hosted the event.
Sunday was typical of our weekend hotel stays. I was up hours before everyone else so I headed off to Starbucks and hung out in the lobby, checked email and such in the cyber lounge and walked around the Toronto City Hall grounds which was right accross the street from the hotel. Brunch. A bit more shopping. Northbound Leather. A quick stop at Bry and Ry's. Ikea. Then home. Dinner at Silver Wok. All in all an awesome weekend. Thanks to the BFFs.