Monday, April 30, 2007

Going to be an odd summer I think...

So I guess Grant was the first to go. Then Shane was gone. Then today Bryan and Ryan left. In four months Grant and Shane and others will be back but Bryan and Ryan are gone for good. Or at least that is the plan. Gone to seek their fame and fortune in the big city. Surely a few bumps along the way but hopes are that all will work out for them for the best. And who knows fate may bring them back this way anyway. Did Ryan apply for that job we told him to apply for? Anyway, the world is a much smaller place than it used to be and I know we will still see good old Bry and Ry from time to time. Like on the 19th of May when we head up that way. I'm looking forward to that for sure.
So what else... Mom and Dad are back. Had coffee with Kim. Tracy and Dan bought a house. Gord is Gord. Howie and Neil and Us have been spending lots of time together. A certain leather jacket from Northbound Leather makes my ass look fantastic. Summer is just around the corner. I need a new car. Oh and a new pair of shoes but really I always need a new pair of shoes.
So, short post but at least there is a post.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is this a typical border crossing conversation?

Border Guard: Reason for entering the US?
Howie: We're going to buy Cheez-its.
Border Guard: That is a noble reason. The last person I had who said she was going to Hershey, Pensylvania to buy Mr Goodbars had a purse full of marijuana.
Howie: I don't have a purse.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Infiltrate the United States and liberate $30.00 worth of Cheez-its...

Okay, so Thursday was dinner with Howie & Neil. We started out at Montana's but they were out of chicken. Yes, out of chicken. So we went to Swiss Chalet. They were NOT out of chicken. Friday we did the gym and our usual Friday night tea with Howie and Neil at Sipps. Bryan and Ryan joined us too which is cool because they are going to be gone soon so we won't be seeing as much of them.
On to Saturday... Started off pretty innocently. I woke up, checked my email, washed the bathroom walls, you know, the usual stuff. Then we picked up Howie and Neil and headed to the Kingston Home Show. Yeah that sucked so off we went to get Mom and Dad's car started after sitting all winter. Boosted it and it started up like a charm. Now here is when things become blurry. We were deciding what to do next and road trip came up. Next thing you know we are at the border being interigated by the border guard. Then into Watertown for an hour or so, strolled the mall, grocery store, drive through town then back to Canada.
So on the way back to Kingston we stopped at the Casino. So my new game is Craps. After pocketing my initial $20.00 I was up to $50.00 in winnings at one point but in the end walked away from the table with $30.00 in chips. Fun game.
Today is brunch then tonight we are having ribs with Bry and Ry at Howie and Neil's. Gonna be so good. What happens in between brunch and dinner is anybody's guess, though Dan says we are coming home. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Been a while...

So it has been a while since I blogged. I hear I have picked up at least one new reader. So lets see...
Yeah nothing new.
Recapping a few events... Saturday night we had "Easter" dinner at our place. Dan cooked up an awesome meal as usual. Bryan and Ryan came like last year and we also had Mark and Tim along for the ride. Overall an enjoyable evening. Food, conversation, fun. My kind of evening.
Howie and Neil were in New York City hence their absense. We see them so many times in a week that I have suggested that we should just all live in the same house. We hung out with them Thursday night as they were leaving Friday morning and we hooked up for tea Monday evening after they got back. And they came bearing presents. How cool is that.
Oh, brunch at Golden Griddle. NEVER AGAIN. Enough said.
So now sitting at Coffee & Co. Decided to blog but Tracy is here. YAY!
So thats it for now.