Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Being a grownup is a lot of work...

So I took today off to have a meeting with the lawyer to finalize the Offer to Purchase for the house. Simple enough, and it was. Very good feeling from the lawyer and I think we will be willing to retain her services as we need them in the future. (Thanks Marc for the recommendation). So now the serious running around starts. Bank, then back to lawyer, back to bank... There will be some serious running around over the next couple weeks. I am sure it will be worth it but I am so afraid of growing weary before the whole process is done. In the end I need to keep my eye on the prize but in the meantime there is still so much to do. Oh did I mention Insurance? I have to do that too. Well that's just a little update for now. Hopefully not too much longer.
Oh and by the way, it's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, BLUE Fish...

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

All about sex…

So I have been thinking a bit about sex lately. Well okay you all know me so I'll say "a bit MORE about sex" then.
So what I am trying to decide is if I am shallow or not. Okay again you all know me so I will say "shallow in reference to sex" okay…
I enjoy sex. More than enjoy. I love sex. LOVE IT! That being said I look at it just as a pleasurable act and I don't really think of it as an intimate act. Well not so much of an intimate act as some do I guess. I could pretty much have sex with any guy I found attractive. I do not find sex connects me to that person any more than anything else does. Yes there needs to be a certain comfort level with the person(s), or a certain alcohol level, or a conducive environment. So yes I do like to have sex with my boyfriend, of course I do but when I think of intimate moments with him I think more about things like conversations we have while walking downtown or over dinners. About sitting with a cup of coffee and a backgammon board. About talking about the future. Those are the things I think of.
So basically I am proposing that maybe society dictates that the act of sex should be an emotional act so we tend to make it so. We make it so in our own minds therefore it is, but really it isn't. I think perhaps it is like religion; it is there to comfort us. If we think of sex as an emotional act it eases the guilt that society has placed on the act itself.
So basically I sit and wonder if I am shallow, lacking emotion, with regards to sex. I don't see fireworks or feel the earth move when I have sex with "the one" guy for me. I have good sex with him, I have great sex with him, and sometimes I have "meh" sex with him. It happens. Sometimes sex is great when there is someone else there with us, sometimes it is more interesting without a third.
Maybe it has to do with age or experience. Maybe I am jaded. For now though I am just going to continue to enjoy sex for the fun that it is. I will continue to explore new ways to make it more fun. I will always enjoy sex guilt free. I really never understood what there was to feel guilty about. Thank god I don't believe in religion, I am sure that is what fucks most people up. Not me.
If I had to give anyone advice on this subject I would simply say: Have fun, enjoy, and don't EVER take it too seriously. That being said, remember to play safe and legal.
Disclaimer: These are just my thought and contain no evidence or research beyond my own experiences on this planet.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I am not depressed...

Just to let everyone know I am not still depressed. In fact things seem to be going really well. More coming soon.