Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today, Not So Much...

Saw another RCMP officer today at Starbucks. Donuts were definitely his best friend. He was fat, I mean really fat. Like couldn't chase a criminal for more than one block fat. Oh well.

I added a picture to my header. It's the Chicago skyline and I'm not sure if that will be confusing to people since I don't live in Chicago. I loved it there though so I thought I'd use it. If I find something more appropriate in the future I'll switch it out.

Interesting news from work, they have lowerd the salary cap to below what I am presently making. Significantly below oddly enough. So though I do keep my current wage I will likely never get an increase from here on in. So my question now is: Since there are no more raises based on performance do I only need to do enough to not get fired? Thats kinda how I read it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Morning at Starbucks

My schedule is a bit modified today as I have the reelout AGM tonight. My employer has allowed me to start an hour early so I can leave at 6:30 in order to be at The Grad Club by 7:30. I was looking for time to hit Starbucks this week for a latte and a chapter or two of my book but didn't think I would have time today. That was until I looked at the time while I was in the shower and saw that it was an hour earlier that expected. I guess Dan wanted to get to work early. So I definitely had time and I sure am glad I did.

It started out like any other Starbucks visit, got my latte, table in the front window. All good. Then, in walks an RCMP officer in uniform. Vest, gun and all. He was my height but very sturdy build. Very nice to look at. A few minutes later in walks another officer. Then another. Another. Within moments eight officers standing there, all good looking. It was a metaphorical hardon in the making. Very good way to start the day.

Friday, May 22, 2009


So I guess if it rains today its my fault. Yesterday was so gorgeous out I decided to take today off. I wanted to both enjoy the weather and get the rest of my lawn mowed. All that of course after some Starbucks time. So anyway the radio came on this morning and the weather report come up with possible showers. Totally out of the blue if you ask me. I was sure it was going to be awesome today. Funny thing is I don't think I saw any weather report saying it was going to be nice today. I may have just assumed it.

Speaking about how nice it was yesterday... After work we had a little going away thing for the reelout board member who was instrumental in getting us hooked into volunteering. It was just drinks at The Merchant but it was my first, long awaited, nice enough evening that we could walk instead of drive so I could drink evening. It was a nice enough evening to sit on the patio but unfortunately everyone else thought so too so there were no tables. Even so it was a very enjoyable evening and I was glad that we could show Sammi our appreciation.

Here is the actual "random" part of the blog.

A conversation a couple months back about James Bond movie theme songs prompted Meghan to buy a CD of them which I ripped to my MP3 player. Every time one comes on it makes me smile, especially the older ones. That has in turn prompted me to crave watching the movies again. Me being me, I have to watch them in order. So I have started buying the box sets. I found them at Future Shop for $35 which is a very good deal for 5 movies. So the odd thing is that they seem to be randomly packaged. In order to get the first movie I had to buy Volume 4 (of 4). Further investigation shows that in order to watch all the movies in order I will in fact have to buy all 4 volumes as the first 4 movies are spread between all of them. Not so random after all I guess.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time to say goodbye...

Penny went for her last car ride today. In the end it was clear it was time, to the point where I wasn't sure we were going to make it to the 4:00 appointment. We did of course make it there and the vet was a lovely young lady named Kristen who was quite good to deal with under the circumstances. Dan thought her quite scripted but I thought she was fine.

There was no option in my mind other than me being with Penny up until the end. I couldn't just let them take her away to do it. So Kristen did take Penny to the back, but only to have a catheter put in for the injection. She brought Penny back and left us with her for a few minutes. She left some chocolate for Penny, the forbidden treat. I thought it was a very sweet idea. Penny gobbled up the chocolate with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. Kristen came back and before long Penny was gone. I did cry a bit but held together better than I figured (more tears came later, off and on, possibly while I was writing this entry). Even Dan cried a bit. The room we were in had an exit so we didn't have to go back through the office which was nice.

After that it gets surreal, we stopped at the grocery store, came home, had dinner then went to a movie. I'm not sure if that is what one is supposed to do after losing a loved one. I'm pretty sure I just didn't want to sit here at home.

As an aside, I'm not sure when I will be able to take her bed out of the kitchen. It seems to belong there.

End of an era...

Today is my last day with Penny. She is sleeping next to me on the couch, and snoring quite loudly I might add. In about 2 hours we will be heading to the vet. She would not sleep on the bad last night which was odd but very telling. This morning she was quite swolen and the Prednisone didn't make a big difference. Her breathing is a bit laboured and she is not moving around well. It is very obvious that she isn't very comfortable anymore so I have made the decision that I have known for a while I was going to have to make. It isn't easy but I know it is the right thing to do. I sure know I will miss her.

I also hate to admit it but I am going to be somewhat relieved. To be honest it has been a bit exhausting. Some days, because of scheduling I have had to run home from work on my half hour lunch to let her out because the Prednisone had her drinking lots so she was unable to go a full 8 hours. All that and the fact that it has all been weighing on me in general. I feel bad that I even think about it being a relief after its done but I can't help that it does cross my mind.

That being said it will be very odd not having her greet me when I get home. I also wonder how it is going to affect Jessie now that she is going to be an "only dog" after living with Penny all her life. I guess time will tell.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the What to do?

I am in my first week in a new department at work. It is a return to the dreaded Business Care but in a non-suicidal Offline capacity. Basically the things I used to do with screaming customers waiting on the line I now do by email request. I don't mind when they scream in an email though they rarely do anyway. They just ask nicely in an email. So the perks are good, no incoming calls, we can listen to music, work at our own pace. One more perk which could only be understood by someone who works where I do is that we got new computers. New system, new keyboard, new mouse and new 17" LCD monitor. Having a mouse that hasn't been pawed by multiple grubby fingers and a keyboard that is not full of crumbs is fantastic. Our cubicles are quite small so the LCD monitor is like a gift from the gods, the IT gods that is.

As for the work itself, though I haven't been scored on anything yet, I had an informal coaching session with my supervisor. He reviewed some of my work and suggested that he would likely be using me in the near future to do proof reading on other people's work before they send it. So that is definitely recognition. And according to my friend Steve it's terrific.

So that covers work. The big thing going on in my life right now, of course, is Penny. I am sitting at Starbucks right now afraid to go home because this morning was, again, not a good morning. She is definitely having difficulty breathing though not in a gasping for air kind of way. More in a congested kind of way. She has been snoring like crazy, to the point where I am not sleeping well. Add to that last, week was exhausting on its own. I was on a training shift that ran from 4:00PM till 12:30AM and Dan was away in Victoria and I had to run home on my lunch time to let them both out. I was beat by the end of it.

So because of being so tired I worry that I cannot make a good judgement about when it is time to say goodbye to Penny. She is having trouble breathing but she is still eating and drinking. She is lacking energy but does not seem to be in any pain. I don't want to let her go any sooner than I have to but I know how much easier it is going to be for me after she is gone. It is a tough place for me to be in. Oh well, day by day...

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I just finished a week of training for yet another new department move at work. The schedule was 4:00PM to 12:30AM. That has to be the shittiest time ever to be stuck in a training room.

Saturday morning Meghan, Tim and I are heading to Toronto for some shopping while Dan will be flying back from Victoria. I'm sure the three of us should have a good time, we always do.

Speaking of roadtrips, I drove to Ottawa last Sunday for coffee. Is that odd? Well more properly I went there to have coffee with a couple friends. It was a kind of last minute hit-and-run kind of thing.