Sunday, August 28, 2011

Born High Def in an 8 Bit World

So I have always been a technology addict. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the twenty-first century: I never got into gaming. To be fair my introduction to gaming was Pong. Perhaps I was ahead of my time then and just gave up on the possibility of gaming being remotely engaging. I did eventually graduate to an Atari console. Space Invaders, Asteroids and Missile Command. These games were an improvement but still didn't hook me on gaming beyond the life of the console. To be fair, it actually didn't die it just stopped being used.

I recently was hanging out with friends and a round of Mario Party was suggested. I passed but told them to go ahead and I'd just watch. Funny thing happened though, I thought it looked fun. A week or so later I played a round with another friend and I was hooked. I bought myself a Wii and the rest is history.

The world of gaming has changed a lot. Beyond better graphics and all the other technical stuff. Gaming is totally a separate form of entertainment. A form of entertainment requiring vast amounts of coordination. Coordination and patience. Oh and memory, probably my weakest area.

I was looking for a first person shooter game and a friend loaned me Metroid. I got 5 minutes in and got stuck because I could not figure out how to open a door. I just wanted to shoot things. The modern video game seems to be a movie where YOU are/control the main character. Really, I just wanted to shoot things.

Oh it's going to be a learning curve...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy thoughts...

Okay so this is not the entry I was going to post tonight. I had a somewhat lengthy blog about my views on my relationships past, present and future. It seemed to be getting a bit heavy and I felt it really wasn't saying anything but was potentially sounding whiny.  The draft is saved, it may yet turn up but I decided to go a different direction tonight.

I need to blog about the good stuff in my life. I haven't been lately. Okay, I know I haven't been blogging at all lately. but I seem to have been blogging some pretty heavy stuff and it's time for some random events instead of random thoughts.

So this past weekend was my 45th birthday and I celebrated with my friends. Friday night was a birthday party for myself and two other August babies. Happy Birthday to Calvin (August 21) and Stephen (August 30). Hosted by Matt and Chris it brought together a bunch of awesome people to be sure. Pre and post party hosted by Eric, always a good time.

Saturday and Sunday brought good times with more friends, Saturday morning coffee and movie with Colin, sushi dinner with Rob, hanging out with Shaunna and Harlee for a bit (Ninjering called on account of rain).  Sunday morning coffee with Kim and dinner with the parents. Throw in Happy birthday calls from my sister and my ex-wife (a whole other story) and you've got the makings of one of the best weekends ever.

Some other random good stuff in my life right now: Jessie, the best dog ever. Yoga. Starbucks Vanilla Latt├ęs.  Aussibum Underwear.  Summer.