Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here's to Tracy and Dan Wood

Well last Saturday was the big wedding of the season. Tracy and Dan finally made it legal. The ceremony was brief and to the point. The reception was a great time.

I was a bit sketched out by the whole Trenton thing. Holiday Inn is a bit like camping for me after some of the places I have stayed in the last few years. Surprisingly the hotel was actually quite nice. The room was nicely updated and oddly the towels were nicer than some of those other hotels in that they were quite soft and did not smell of industrial bleach. Also, it seems we were the only ones who's reservation didn't get fucked up. I love having good travel karma.

The event itself started off quite nice in that when we got to the church we were greeted by Dan's mom, Janice. Janice has never met us but she knew exactly who we were and told us she has heard so much about us. That scared me for a bit but she seemed to have only heared the good stuff so it was okay.

The reception, at the Trenton Legion was a blast dispite the venue and the surly, dried up old serving ladies who always wanted to take everything away even if you were not finished. When we don't know many people in a group Dan and I tend to be wallflowers but Tracy's mom Brenda was very quick to drag us away from the back wall. Brenda is awesome as is the entire family. I can really tell where Brandon, Tracy and Margaret get their sense of humour.

I just want to say that I am so happy that Tracy found Dan and vice-versa. I am pretty sure Dan is the only straight man who can really appreciate Tracy's epic sense of funny. I love you both.