Sunday, April 27, 2008

OMG another blog entry!

Well here I am again. Mostly because a new chat friend reminded me I have a blog. Well I figured it was time to post something. So for those of you who hang off the mundane epic that is my life, here goes.
On a new shift at work. Getting up at 4AM, to work at 5AM, so far it is going okay. I am getting about as much sleep on this shift as I did on nights which is to say about 5 hours per night. Still don't like my job but not quite hating it. Starbucks helps. Praise the Vanilla Latte. Non-fat of course.
Mexico is 3 weeks away and I still have that bit of pudge around my middle. Could be those aformentioned Lattes. Well some prices I just will not pay. No matter, I am looking forward to Mexico even if I have to suck my gut in the whole time I am there.
Awesome news for Howie and Neil. The house sold. As we were there I realized I was going to miss the place. Had some awesome fun times there. I am sure we will as well at the new pad in Ottawa.
Folks are back. Have only seen them a couple times so far. I will likely stop in on them after work. I think I will be enlisting Dad for some help around the house this summer. Have a few projects that need doing.
I think thats it for now. More to come eventually.