Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The negatives and the positives

Well thankfully the waiting is over for Mr Wolfe. All is good, the results are as we expected or hoped. One can rationalize anything and as much as we worked things out to make sense that he would be negative there was always the possibility that he would be positive. That possibility just kept creeping up and biting us on the ass.
Now some of us are still waiting for our results. Waiting for the phone NOT to ring. Somehow I am now a little less worried about my own results. I know that's not how it works, but really, my whoring ex has been gone well over a year now and I think I would have seen symptoms by now. Anyway, nuff about that.
So tonight was Dan's birthday dinner. Met up with Meghan, Ryan, Bryan, Todd, Logan, and Andrew for dinner at Woodenheads. Love that place. Complementary desserts too, nice treat. After dinner Meghan, Dan and I went to Tango for martinis. Also a great place.
Tomorrow night is COLA then the customary tea/coffee at The Goat. As far as I know I am heading in to Trenton for the day to run into some old work mates and maybe some old friends too. We'll see if that nets me anything much to write about. You'll all find out soon enough...
So long for now.

Mr Wolfe

My best friend is going to be around for a long time...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekend recap...

Well the weekend is over but my holidays continue. Ottawa was great though it was fucking cold. The weather was for shit driving up but we made it intact. We got to the hotel, went and did a bit of shopping, enjoyed the hot tub, had dinner, then went out to EDGE. The club was a good time but as I said earlier, would have been more fun with more people that we know.
Sunday we went to the War Museum. More for the building than for the exhibit. The building is amazing. After that we headed downtown to the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Small collection but interesting. A bit more shopping then coffee then off to my sister's for a visit and to finally drop off little Adrien's Christmas gifts.
Monday morning was spent sleeping in then off to Ikea on the way home. Much better drive coming home for sure.
That's about it really. Tomorrow is Dan's Birthday.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I know you were not expecting this but here it is.
THE EDGE was fun. Lots of hot bois to look at. It would have been a blast to go with a bunch of people. Maybe would have gotten up and danced then. As it was we just watched the crowd. Funny thing though sometimes it just looked like all the same little fags as in Kingston. Funny that.
Well off we go for today's adventures.
By the way, Hotel sex is the best sex...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Well Dan and I are off to Ottawa this morning. Snowing like a bitch out there, what fun. We will be doing several museums/galleries, some shopping and Club Edge tonight. Should be a good time, I am looking forward to it.
So there will be no blogs till Monday night. I hope all my loyal readers don't forget all about me. Really I am wondering why some of you even read this crap. I must admit though, my little ego is kinda glad you do. (I said little EGO Gord, no comment required)
So it sounds like Some of the gang are going out tonight. Wish I could be there but on the other hand I am told Edge is twink central, and we know how I love the twinks... Jenn, Gord, I know you will be back out. Tracy you BETTER come out again some weekend when I am around.
So ta-ta for now peoples. We'll catch up in a couple days. Love you all, miss you all. Mr Wolfe... I'm sure I will be getting updates but no 3AM calls please... I may be with a boi or two. LOL
Later Gang...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Denny's... A classy place to follow a classy place...

I left work early so Dan, Gord and I could head to the clinic to get tested for various STDs. Really should be something one should do on at least an annual basis I guess. Clinics are fun. Where else do you get to pee in a cup. Modern medicine is grand, only one vial of blood covers all the tests. Must admit that I didn't watch the needle part. It was all pretty painless. Except for the questionaire. That was a bit painful. Can the number really be 30? Or was it more? Meh, I said 30, too late to take it back now. It's not like I came across as near as much of a whore as someone else...
After the clinic we called Tracy and all headed off to Denny's for dinner. Just like old times. Good times indeed. Love ya Tracy!
One more day till my holidays!

All in a day...

So yesterday wasn't too eventful. Worked. Met up with Dan and Meghan for dinner at Copper Penny. Came home and did some snuggling with Dan. No COLA last night due to reading week. Kinda missed it. Looking forward to next week's group. Also will be in good spirits since I will be on holidays. :-)
Well off to work today. As usual. Done at 4:00PM today which is nice. Leaving early so I can make it to the clinic with Mr Wolfe. Long overdue for me. Something I should have done at the end of my last relationship. Kinda feeling irresponsible. Beyond that I need to pick up some shirts I sent for dry-cleaning. I also need to check my oil and possibly top it up. There's my day. Some of it mundane, some of it less so.
I think we will give Tracy a call tonight too. Coffee would be cool.
So looking forward to getting away with Dan this weekend. As poor as I am it will still be fun. Be prepared, there won't be any blogs for a few days after tomorrow.
Have to get going...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The long road to mental wellness...

This week has already been one hell of a week and it's only Wednesday.
My best friend, and the rest of us too, got some very disturbing news. I went and spent the night with him because he understandably did not want to be alone. There wasn't too much crying despite how scary the situation is. He is scared and I can understand why. I think that though there was not much I could say or do to make him feel better, at least he wasn't sitting there by himself thinking about it too much. When it can't be fixed right away, distraction can be the key to get you through. The steps have been taken to find out if this news will affect the rest of his life or not. Now it's just a waiting game.
The news has made me think a bit harder about my last relationship. I have no proof he was whoring around on me but it really would not surprise me. I think I am going to finally make sure I am okay too. Something that I really should have done a long time ago.
So, three more days till my holidays. All I can say is if I didn't need them before, I sure as hell need them now. So looking forward to just getting away with Dan.
That's it...

Monday, February 20, 2006

This is so not the way it's suposed to be...

Fuck me I don't know what to say from here. Got some news today. I need time to digest it.
That's it for tonight.

Roger dodger!

Told ya we were going to talk about cellphone providers today. Well I finally decided on Rogers. Found a decent plan but mostly because they had the handset I liked the most. So I walk into the Rogers store at Kingston Center. Not sure why I even went to that one, I guess because I was in that area. Walked in and there was Chris, who was in my original training group when I started at StarTek. Told him I was looking to get signed up and he pointed out the special deal they have for StarTek employees. A better plan than I was going for; for less money. Finally something went right, or better than expected anyway. Of course they didn't have the handset I wanted there but the downtown store had it, so he sent us down there to get it. But I have it now. And a new three year relationship with Rogers. By the way, Chris is looking good these days.

Now on to the rest of my life.
Beyond the cellphone shopping we stopped a few other stores, Loblaws, LCBO... Stopped in at the Union Gallery. That about covered the afternoon.
Met up with Bryan, Ryan, Howie, Neil and Natasha for sushi at Asha. Good thing Bryan decided to invite us along or he would have missed games night at Meghan and Claire's. OOPs! Games Night was fun. Life, Jenga, Snakes and Ladders and Operation! I had this brilliant idea to buy Operation for Claire. Turns out they had the same idea. Well either way it was a hit. Gord, I know you are going to comment about Games Night but there is alcohol there so even you would have had a good time. Maybe you should try it some time.
Well today has Brunch at The Goat, PetSmart, Canadian Tire, and hopefully Dinner here with Kim. We got a whole lotta sole, well actually 3 pieces, and we hope she will join us since we haven't seen her in a while.
Tune in tomorrow for more "Days Of My Life"

The Goat, Chez Dan, and Timmy's Oh my!

Quick one tonight. Brunch today at The Goat with Howie, Neil, Bryan, Natasha and Dan. Then we went to PetSmart and Best Buy, Bryan came along. Don't get mad at us Ryan we tried to make him wait in the car but he followed us in...
Kim came over for supper which was nice. Have been wanting to catch up with her for the last few weekends.
Finished up the day by meeting Gord and Mike for coffee at Timmy's. Have to keep up with the drama. Don't want to fall behind.
I think all I did today is eat. That's about all my blog is about anyway.
Oh well... I got nothing else... Ciao...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control...

Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin'

Okay... I took the last Advil this morning. Have a bit of a headache. Okay it is a major headache. Didn't stop me from doing the nasty this morning though.
So we went to the bar last night. As I was not the DD for a change I got a bit plastered. Or a lot plastered. Shit I think Doug and I had sex on the dance floor. Oh my... Yes so I got drunk. Was nice going out again and doing that. Thanks for driving Dan. So if I was Gord I would have lots of drama to report but I'm not so I don't.
Since I have no drama let me tell you all about my electrical adventures yesterday. I noticed my desk light flickering Thursday night. I just thought the bulb was going or something. Friday morning there were a few more lights flickering. By the time I got home from driving Dan to work power was out in half my house. Checked the breaker panel, no breakers tripped. Called the landlady who called an electrician in. By this time I knew I was not going to make it to work on time so I called in sick with full intentions of going in after everything was resolved. Yeah yeah, who was I kidding. 3 hours or so into my shift everything was resolved but I didn't bother going in. Anyway, back to my story. So there I am thinking; Great, I want to buy this place and now the wiring is fucked... But, the electrician comes in and tells me half my panel is out and that it is likely the wires coming in off the street. He calls Utilities and within an hour or so there they are to fix it. Turns out the high winds had knocked something loose I guess. Same high winds that have spread half the remaining roofing from the shed all over the yard. So there Gordo... There's MY drama.
Tomorrow's blog will be about trying to figure out what fucking cellphone carrier/plan to go with. Talk about a headache.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A day like any other...

Okay tonight I really got nothing. Work was uneventful. The evening was uneventful. Really just nothing going on tonight.
Tomorrow is payday. Doubtful there will be anything left for me as there never is anymore. Lets not get started on the money issue again because I feel another serious depression coming on about that. I have plans to call my real estate guy on my week off to see what we can get started. I am quite certain that things won't go well but we'll see I guess.
So lets talk about my week off. Not next week but the week after. We will be in Ottawa the first weekend, coming back on Monday. Tuesday is Dan's birthday and we, and some friends will be going out to dinner at Woodenheads. Wednesday I may run into Trenton to check out the old stomping grounds. Thursday or Friday Gord and I may head to Toronto but we still need to pin that down as to if we are going day or evening or both. At some point during all that I should call Paul and do the real estate stuff.
Fuck, stop bringing that up... Now I am thinking about it again...
Meh... Whatever. I am done for tonight. Later kids...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hair a quack, there a quack...

Perhaps it is sad to say but I really find myself looking forward to COLA night. It's always a fun night of Meghan, Claire, Dan and I realizing how happy we are that we are not 21 anymore. Also an evening of laughing at some of the young'uns without them really knowing it.
Tonight started off kinda tenuous. I received a text message from Dan while I was at work with tonight's topic. Hair. What the fuck kind of retarded topic is that! Anyway, I met up with the gang, and Natasha for dinner at Frankie Pesto's. Though half of us did not want to go, Claire and I knew we could turn the topic to sex easy enough so we convinced the others to go. Imagine our surprise when we got there and the topic was changed to "Gender Roles". Yeah Hair would have been more fun. Well the discussion was not bad but hardly ground-breaking.
After COLA was tea at The Goat as usual. Just 6 of us. And that was it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hallmark Holiday or Suicide watch? You be the judge...

The workday flew by today. Always a good thing. Not really much to report about there. Some new hires in training. A few new bois to look at, can't complain about that.
So lets talk about Valentines Day. I have a few friends who are actually depressed that they don't have "someone" on the day of lovers. You guys know I love you all, I understand that it's nice to have someone. Here's what I have to say: GET OVER IT! Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday. You guys are all super people and it is going to happen for you. Don't let a random day get you down. It's not worth it. You guys have friends, family, and best of all you all have ME! So Rob, Jenn, Mike, Dave If Valentines Day is about love, you are covered. If it's about sex. Jenn I can't help you, sorry. Rob, Mike, Dave Give me a call.
So, COLA tomorrow. Still no topic. I'll let you know. I know you are all on the edge of your seats wanting to know. Oh, me too.
Outta here...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Life in the WHAT-THE-FUCK-IS-GOING-ON lane

Can I get a Whoop Whoop! From all of you out there who hate fat fuckers that have to spread shit around just for the fun of spreading it? The fat fucker in question was in my hate list for a while, and then ended up on my indifferent list because I really didn't need to waste energy on him. Now he is back on my hate list. Anyone who knows me would likely say that I am pretty easy going. I like most people and but for this one exception I don't hate anyone. I don't even hate my ex who fucked up my credit and my life for 4 years. I don't hate because I don't see the use in expending the energy. But the fat fucker with the big mouth... Yeah him I hate right now.
End of rant
So Typical Monday today. Just another day really. It actually went by fast. Four more days till the weekend.
My day was certainly less eventful than others. Duck, just want to let you know I'm thinking about ya and hope everything is okay. You ever need to talk, you know where to find me.

Yeah I think we are done for tonight.

Would you like a COLA with your brunch?

Lazy Sunday today. We went to brunch at The Goat, or as I like to call it COLA: the sequel. Actually it looked as if we were going to be doing a duet till Meghan and Claire showed up, then we were a group, like ABBA, only more gay. Not too long after that the rest of the gang showed up. It was just like a Wednesday night but the sun was up and there was food.
Neil and Howie’s party was a good time I hear. They have scheduled another for March on the only weekend we have already booked. Well show them, we are going to throw a soiree as well. Just for no reason, which I think is a great reason to get together.
So the workweek is just about upon us and what will get me through it is COLA on Wednesday and Games night on Saturday. I have become such a social whore. Those four years of having no friends or social contact have certainly made me aware of how nice it is to have friends around.
Speaking of friends. Those of you at the bar that were asking where Dan and I were Thanks for missing us but we just havent been into it lately. Im sure I will be back, I wont speak for Dan though.
Still on the subject of friends, lets talk about Mr Wolfe. Saturday was a rough night but you do have to let go worrying about what other people think. Those who know you know what kind of guy you are. What the rest think is no big deal. There will always be big-mouthed (and fat) assholes that will spread the shit around and make it stink all that much more but in the end most people, even though they will listen, consider the source.
As for other things, you know I love ya, and I support ya, and it is my job to worry. It aint gonna change.
I'm done...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sometimes it takes a while to get to number 4

Tonight was Cezannes Closet. For those of you who dont know it is a charity art auction for the Student Union Gallery at Queens. It is always a fun evening and we did end up with our fifth choice. Numbers one and two would have been nice but thats just the way things work out.
The auction was preceded by dinner at Le Chien Noir with Dans Mom and Phil. Very nice restaurant, very nice meal. I think we will definitely go there again.
Mr Wolfe is out to the bar tonight. Its getting to be less and less of an interest for me to go though watching him and the drama that surrounds him can be fun. I think I just need some time off.
Tomorrow has the possibility of brunch at The Goat. Well see how we feel.
Well this puppy is off to bed.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here a QUAQE, there a QUAQE...

Went out this evening to The Merchant for a social gathering organized by the Queens University Association of Queer Employees. Now as I often do, I expected the night to be a wright off. Instead I found it quite enjoyable. It started off a bit slow, all people I did not know. Then Pat and Deb arrived, suddenly I knew someone. Then Meghan and Claire arrived and I felt even better. The small room we were in was full and the remaining table was just outside that room so that is where Meghan and Claire headed and as I didn't want them to be sitting by themselves I went out and sat with them. Dan however was trapped in the corner by drunken lesbians. I had a most enjoyable conversation with the girls. I have this thing where I feel kinda out of place with all the Queens people since I am not educated beyond High School and some college level stuff. I'm not sure if it is intentional on their part or not but I never feel stupid or uneducated around them. I have in the past with other people so either there is a difference or perhaps I have changed.
The three of us joined the rest of the group after it had thinned out a bit and for a group of Queens Employees the conversation was thankfully not overly work related. Seemed to be some half decent people there. Only two awkward moments for me. One was when a woman that I met once stopped to say hello and just kinda stood there like I should say more. I really would have introduced her if I actually remembered her name. Now that I think of it I think she told me her name was Pam. Oh well, let's just pretend I was drinking...
The other awkward moment was, as it always is, when I was asked about my work. I do describe my work as something that could be done by trained monkeys. It is however what I do and it does pay my bills and I guess maybe I just think it might be a bit rude when someone asks if it is just till I find something else, something more meaningful I guess was the idea. Sometimes I find it disturbing that people define themselves by their work. Although I know it would be nice to be doing something I like more as a living I prefer to leave my work out on Highway 15. If I had my choice of jobs it would still be the same. I will never be the one who wants to run the company. I want to leave work and come home to my boyfriend, my dogs, my friends. I want to spend my time away from work with them and not thinking about the budget or anything else involving work. Maybe I should be more ambitious but at this point in time I am not. Just a different philosophy I guess.

Ponder that...

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


So, I only did a half day at work today, that was nice to break up the week. I will do a full day tomorrow though. Then going out with Dan and a group from his work. Should be interesting.
Apparently I have finally become someone in "the community" (and I use the term loosely) because there are finally rumours that pertain to me. Namely that Dan and I had broken up. Well at least they are talking... Not sure where that came from though. So I showed up at the bar without him last Saturday night. I was only there for half an hour anyway and didn't figure anyone even saw me. Of course I did leave with a hot guy, though he was just a friend of a friend and was just going outside for a smoke... Oh well, let the rumours fly. Just consider the source.

That's it for me tonight. Friends, I love ya all.

Feeling better today

Good COLA meeting tonight despite the lame subject. Claire was able to join us and managed to stay politically correct for the whole evening, but we had fun anyway. Tea at The Goat after was good as usual. Perhaps we will make it to brunch this Sunday as well.
My cold is starting to fade, thankfully. I generally don't get bad colds, just bad enough to annoy me.
So looks like another full weekend. Friday and Saturday evenings are booked as well as a possible brunch on Sunday. Details forthcoming. In fact as it turns out our weekends are booked into March. So much for trying to take it easy for a bit. Oh well, it's all fun.
That is all I have for now.


Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Monday, February 6, 2006

Something to look forward to

Well not so much to say today. Got through another day of work. Three weeks from now I will be starting up a week off work. I am so looking forward to that. We will be starting the holidays off with a weekend in Ottawa to celebrate my guy's birthday. Thanks to Tara for the accommodations. I think I am going to take a day to head to Trenton to check out the old stomping grounds. That should be... Interesting. And one day will be set aside to be a Mike and Gord day. Destination to be determined.
So winter seems to be back and frankly I think it sucks. It has been so nice these last couple weeks and now this. Top it off with me getting a cold. Makes Mikey one unhappy boy.

That's all I have for tonight...

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Last night, today, and the trick that does my taxes

Reelout 7 came to an end for us last night with the screening of the gay short films. All were quite good but SURFACING took the prize in my opinion followed closely by STARCROSSED. Both movies well worth taking in if you get the chance. Today seems to be turning out to be a lazy day which will not amount to doing much more than heading downtown for coffee.
So Mr Wolfe and Jenn dragged me to the bar last night along with Wolfe's hot friend J. By the way J, if I read you right you have integrety. Nice to see. Anyway, I digress. The bar. The bar was dead when I arrived with the group around midnight. Yeah, I was gone by 12:30AM. Really shoulda saved myself the $5.00 though I really wanted to go for my friends. As most of my friends will attest to I think, I will do just about anything I can for them. I just couldn't stay though. So back home to my guy I went. Of course he was sound asleep but it was good to just snuggle up to him.
As I couldn't sleep I went and layed in bed with Wolfie after he got home. We tend to do those late night de-briefings after the bar. My drama left about 18 months ago so all I have now is his... Better you than me Mr Wolfe.
Something to ponder: As a guy who has been known to pick up at the bar I have no issue with bringing a trick home. My issue comes in the morning, or whatever time the trick heads out. I am prone to offereing a phone number, email, MSN or whatever and then just leaving the ball in their court. The offer has been avoided but never actually denied. I guess what would impress me the most is to just have a guy say that he had a good time but really wasn't interested in anything else. I would much more respect that than to play the game of exchanging info only to have the guy avoid any further contact. If we all just had the balls to be upfront about it in the beginning there could be much less drama and disappointment.

As a funny footnote to that. The one trick that I picked up online, invited over and had sex with without making any effort to exchange info with has ended up back in my life as a good friend. Imagine my surprise when my boyfriend starts talking about this guy he has been chatting with online and the pieces start falling together and it turns out to be an old trick... Funny. By the way C, tax time is here and I have my T4. Better sharpen your pencils.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Sleepless nights and weekend plans

Not sure what happened but all of a sudden I am dead tired. Maybe it was that sleepless I-had-a-latte-after-9PM Wednesday night. Funny how that works. If I have stuff on my mind it doesn't keep me up. If I have coffee in the evening it doesn't keep me up either. Put the two together and I'm tossing and turning all night. Thank goodness Dan sleeps VERY soundly. I don't know how other people deal with sleepless nights. Oddly something Mr Wolfe and I have not discussed. I really should consult with him since he IS the expert in this field. Anyway, when I can't sleep I will just lay there and toss and turn and get more and more frustrated. I refuse to get out of bed, though really I know I might as well. It's kind of like admiting defeat to me if I get up. I don't mind admitting defeat in a fair fight but I just can't allow myself to let insomnia get me, even though sometimes it does.
In case you are wondering what is on my mind keeping me up, it is most likely finances. I really want to get my shit together and buy my house and I have serious doubts that I will be able to pull it off. I am so doubtful in fact that I don't even want to look into it. I mean really, who likes rejection. Other than that is just the general lack of money to play with. I always tend to have that on my mind.
I am so glad it is Friday. This weekend is the end of Reelout. We will be seeing our last screenings on Saturday evening. After that my presence is requested by Jenn and Mr Wolfe at The Foo. Still undecided on that, we'll see how it works out. I keep saying every time I have gone out lately that I am going to just get plastered but I never seem to do it. I think that time is coming soon.That's it, that's all... Night kids...

Money in... Money out...

Did ya'll miss me last night? No blog... I'm sure my 3 readers managed. Well one was in bed, he reads them in the morning at work anyway. The other was here too since he was working a rare early morning shift so he'll have to catch it later. Of course his being here prevented him from posting his own blog too. Never fear, Mr Wolfe will be back this evening I'm sure with more trials and tribulations that make up his life. And Jenn... Well I'm really not sure when you read them but we'll catch up at work anyway.
If I have any other readers I don't know who you are...
So today is payday. And now that I have paid all my bills I have nothing left. This is the usual way of things. In reality I do have a bit left but I need to keep it in the bank to cover some payments that will come out before my next pay. This seems to be the way of things for me. There really dosn't seem to be much left for me to spend. In the end I really won't complain much because I really do live quite well. Sometimes I do wish it wasn't quite so tight though (not a complaint one usually hears from me). I am in a spending mood and would like to buy myself something pretty. I so need a financial advisor. Meh... Whatever.Later...

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Afternoons & Coffeespoons

Hey all...
I'm told my life is not all that boring (thanks Jenn with two Ns) and I guess in reality I know it isn't. I always seem to be busy and all but when I sit here every night to sum up my day in words it doesn't seem to sum up to much.
Work was good. Went by a bit slow but like every other day I got through it. Actually worked the whole day, no VTO for me.
Tonight was COLA night, picked up Dan and Meghan and headed over to discuss bisexuality. It was discussed that a study revealed that bisexuals think of sex twice as often as any other group. Makes me wonder if I am bisexual. I mean I would do Ashley Judd. As an aside, sadly, only half the group even knew who Ashley Judd is. Okay so I know I'm not bisexual cuz really I am all about the cock... But Ashley is hot.
As always (can I say that since for me "always" constitutes last week and this week) we went to The Goat for tea after the meeting. That is always fun as we get to really chat with the other people in the group. Thankfully crazy guy did not show up this week. Jenn stopped by which was cool, nice to mix it up a bit. Hmmm, wonder if she did just cuz Natasha was there? Meh, its a good reason. Bryan stopped by as well... Eat your heart out Gord. Well my boy is in bed and looking lonely so I will say ta-ta for now...