Monday, February 18, 2008

And I titled the last one "It's been a while"

So it has been almost 4 months since I last posted. No excuse really, just lazy I guess. So here I go with a bunch of what has been happening and some upcoming stuff too.

We have had more snow this year than I have seen in a long time. I have to say I have had just about enough of it. More than enough of it. The amount of times I have had to dig my way in and out of my driveway is really making me consider a 4X4 again. Those were the days for sure. I didn't shovel I just drove back and forth over the snow and packed it down. Anyway I guess by this point the end must be in sight so hopefully it will all be gone soon or at least no more (or not much more) will come.

Budget and Money
So as stupid as it sounds I am oddly very excited to have $100.00 in my savings account. $100.03 to be exact. $0.03 was interest on a portion of that.
I have not allowed myself to have savings for a very long time. I have a fairly high credit card debt right now and have not felt right having money in my account when I owe I somewhere else. I have since put myself on a budget which I oddly don't even find restrictive. Really I have just formalized my payments every month, allocated money for my personal spending and found $50.00 from each pay to transfer into a high interest savings account. I am still going to be in debt for a while but as long as nothing major happens I should be able to feel like I am making progress on reducing that debt and still see some money in my bank account.

So at this point Howie and Neil have already moved to Ottawa and Gord and Rob will be gone by the end of this month. Yeah I really hate Ottawa but it looks like I will be visiting a bit more often. Meanwhile our social life here has dwindled to just about nothing. Kinda need to find some new fill-in friends I guess. Anyone up for multiple evening, non-sexual coffee dates?
We will be in Ottawa at Howie and Neil's this coming weekend and with them again in Toronto on the third weekend in March. It's not like it's all bad, just some long weeks is all.

In 3 months we will be heading to Mexico for a week at a 5-Star resort to attend Dan's cousin's wedding. To say I am excited about this trip iwould be a huge understatement. I am looking forward to it like you could not believe.

I think that's it for now. I am not sure what I am doing today but it had better involve a Vanilla Latte at some point.