Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just another day

Alrighty then. I don’t really have too much to write tonight. Kinda tired and heading for bed as soon as this is written.
So the work week progresses. Two down three to go.
Had a friend over tonight for drinks and to hang out… Good times.
Tomorrow we have COLA. Let’s learn all about bi-sexuality. Otherwise known as confused and soon to be gay. Also known as denial. I’ll let you know if my opinion changes. The meeting will be followed by coffee at The Goat.
Reelout continues for us on Thursday and Saturday. And that’s it. I’m outta here.

What would I do without you?

So here we go. Really just an average day. Worked. Came home. Had dinner. Watched some TV and chatted for a bit.
So I could end the blog there but that would be pretty boring so I need to come up with something to talk about. Maybe some deep meaningful insight I came up with today...
Lets talk about friends. I spent 4 years in a relationship with a guy who systematically cut me off from the friends I had and kept me from making new ones. Now that he is long gone and pretty much forgotten I look around and see friends.
Gordon, maybe known to you as Crywolfe, was there to listen to the daily tales of the breakdown of the relationship. He told me everyday to dump the bastard but never judged me because I didnt. Thats a friend. Since we first started talking we have both ended relationships, started new relationships (in his case a few times over) and basically developed an intense dysfunctional friendship that neither of us could possibly explain.
Tracy Whenever I need a laugh there you are. Zany as ever and just the sweetest thing. Killer rack too, not that I am into that. Kim My rock. Who else would I go to when I needed a dose of reality. Lynn No idea where you are or what you are doing but we never forget our first love. Whether you want to talk to me or not I still love you. Mostly because I know if I needed you you would be there. Hope you know I would be there for you too. Jenn, you know I think you are hot too
Dan has also brought some friends into my life. Meghan, Claire, Ryan, Bryan, Emma to name a few. I might feel kinda dumb and old around you guys sometimes but I really do enjoy all your company.

Thats all folks.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Film as Art

Well Reelout 7 continues. Today we saw a series of short films by gay and lesbian artists. This is totally different than short films ABOUT gay and lesbian subjects/topics. Film as art is a totally odd thing to me. To me a film should tell a story or inform. I like to walk out of a film with something. Confusion is NOT what I want to carry out with me. Saw 7 or 8 movies ranging in length from 3 to 15 minutes and I dont have a fucking clue what any one of them was about. That being said I am still happy I went. I would rather say I gave it a shot and got nothing out of it than getting nothing out of it from not even giving it a chance.

After the shorts we went and saw the new UNDERWORLD movie with Gord and Jeff. That was fun. Followed its predecessor quite nicely. Just what I needed was some blood and violence
Well that about covers the weekend. Another good one. Now we just have to get through the workweek again.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Okay... Gonna give this a shot

Well I make no promises but I am going to try and post a regular blog starting today. It likely won't be remotely interesting, cuz it's me. Anyway, here goes.
Good day yesterday, got a bit of shopping done that needed doing. Went to our second evening at Reelout. So far the film festival has been quite good. I would recommend you see BREAKFAST ON PLUTO should you ever get the chance. That was the feature we saw on Friday followed by the Opening Gala and Cabaret.
Went to the Gala with the two absolute hottest lesbians on the planet. Funniest point was when one of them appologized to us for the entertainment on behalf of all lesbians. What is with plaid and acustic guitars and bad singing. Okay there was no plaid there, but really it might as well have been. Anyway, I guess some of the blame should be placed on the sound system as even the fabulous Miss Tyffanie was not at her best. How I love her and how it pained me to walk out on her show to head to the Brew Pub for wings. As an aside to that the Brew Pub stopped serving wings shortly before we got there.
Second evening (Saturday) was all about "Gals and their Pals" and I am damned if I have any better clue what Fag Hags are all about. The documentaries were interesting and fun none-the-less. Another evening accompanied by Meghan and Claire. Also ran into my gay moms Deb and Pat. So good to see them again.
Also should add that we had coffee with Emma yesterday. Have never been quite sure about Emma but it was very nice to see her and it certainly made Dan happy. We will be heading to Toronto in March to spend a weekend with her and I am looking forward to it.So that has you up to date so far... Stay tuned for more... Maybe...