Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's baaack!

So we are well on our way to owning the house. Still lots to deal with such as getting a lawyer, finalizing the price, getting the survey. Then need to look into a certain sale of part of the procurement, the proceeds of which could severely decrease some of my credit card bill. We have a figure in mind for that and I hope I will not be as dissapointed as I feel I likely will be. Reality tends to suck in a big way. Time will tell I guess.
There are two constants in my life... One is that I always get what I want. Eventually. Sometimes after hard work, sometimes after a long wait. I know I will get a better job. One that I enjoy. The wait sure sucks though.
The second constant in my life is that I work myself up about things to the point where the reality tends to be dissapointing to say the least. Anyway I am referring the the future sale of a particular piece of property and the price we are hoping for. We'll see how it works out I guess.
So anyway, what's back is my depression about money. I am sure it will pass but right now it lingers.
Enough for now.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

"I did not have sex with that girl" But if I was straight I might have wanted to...

So last night was Mark's debut at The Foo. We went out to celebrate his birthday, which is actually next month but that is another story. So the day went a little like this...
We started by doing some shopping at the mall so Dan and I picked up Mark and his little (cute-assed) brother and off we went. Lots of fun and everyone came away with something. It was a slow start for me but I managed to score a good purchase at Bootlegger and another at MEXX. Yeah I looked hot last night, thanks for pointing that shirt out Trevor. Mark, your cute-assed brother is a riot. I am sure I had a few impure thoughts. Don't worry though they went away.
Now to the drinking... We started at Tasha's place with a few drinks and some conversation. Tasha's friend Sara joind us before heading to our second stop for the night. Tango is always a great place for drinks. I consider Tango to be a classy place. House music thumping, loud but not so loud that you can't carry on a conversation. Tracy and her friend Lindsay joined us there. I love Tracy. She can put fun in a funeral. She probably has.
Around the witching hour we decided it was time to move on to The Foo. Sara was our heaven-sent DD. So to The Foo we went. It was still pretty slow when we got there but quicly picked up. Seems Mark and Steph both know our drinks which is very convienient. I have to say I am very proud of Mr. "I don't dance" who was on the dance floor in under 2 minutes. From that point on I don't think he left the dance floor for more than 60 seconds. I also danced the night away. Danced with Dan. Danced with Tasha. Danced with Sara. Danced with Mark. Danced with Mikey, Allana, and who knows who else. So much fun. I realized I am living proof that gay boys get the hottest girls. I never did that well when I was straight. Sara, if I do go straight I am giving you a call.
Another cool part of the night is that my boy Gord was there. I haven't had much chance to party with Gordo in a while. Sorry we passed on the afterparty Hun. Thanks so much for getting me the invite though. We'll do it at some point.
So, new friends, old friends, how could it have been anything but a great night. Any night that involves both my best friends can't go wrong. One question keeps coming to mind... Tasha why have we not partied before now? You totally rock and I am glad we are going to have you around for a while longer.
Thats my weekend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The 11th of WHAT?

I am not even going to read the last blog to find out where I left off. Instead I am just going to write out a bunch of random events...
Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's in Ottawa. Good old family circus. Dinner was good of course. Mom was a little drunk, therefore paranoid. Lots of sex talk. So, same as last year. Same as next year.
Monday night was a second Thanksgiving dinner at Gord and Rob's place. I had a fantastic time. It was nice getting to know some more people a bit better. I have met most of Gord's friends before but never get much chance to chat with them. Kim is awesome. So is her Mom. Rob's Mom is pretty cool too. I think this is the first time I have actually met Tiger or had any kind of conversation with Mark. And of course I always enjoy Jim. In drag or not he is always entertaining.
Today was overall a good day. I got my new shift and I did manage to get the earliest possible start window of 9:00-10:00AM which means even with the extended hours 7:30PM is the latest I will have to work. I am pretty happy about that. Tracy's Dan got the same thing which I think is fantastic both because he deserves it, and because it means Tracy and Dan will have more time to be together. Also means that we can hang out all four of us more too.
Tonight was COLA. Good times. Good turnout. Had fun at The Goat.
So now. Two more days till the weekend. We are taking Mark out for his "Birthday" which will forever more be on October 11th. Should be a good time. Very much looking forward to it actually. Kinda hoping Gord will be coming out too.
Oh also today we got final word that the mortgage is approved. Just need to go in and sign the papers.
That's about it for now... Later kiddies...

Friday, October 6, 2006

Apparently I don't blog enough...

...Or: You guys really need to get a life...

So today ended my first week with the extended shifts and I did live through it. Of course I did call in late on Thursday thus only working 8 hours that day. I get to look forward to only having to be there 4 days next week. Also on a positive note the rankings for the next shift bid came out and I came in at 15 out of 86. That ensures that I will at least not get a later shift than I have now and means that I have a chance at the one shift that is earlier. That being the 9:00-10:00AM window as opposed to the 9:30-10:30AM window that I am currently on. So in short I will not be any worse off than I am now. YAY!
Notable events this week:
Monday night we had coffee with Mark at The Goat. He seems to really have taken to that place. Wait till we take him to a place that is actually nice...
Tuesday we did wings at The Brass with Howie and Neil.
Wednesday we had COLA and Tea which was fun as always.
Thursday I stopped in to see Gord at the new place and dropped off the little TV from his room here. Of course bad influence that he is I called in late and stuck around for another hour. After work, dinner then The Goat for coffee. We just Missed Mark and his cute-assed brother. Another time hopefully.
Friday night we went to The Kingston Brew Pub for dinner then met Tracy for coffee at Sipps. Now she knows where it is. Girls have fag friends so they can find out all the new cool places to go.
That is the week.
By the way, as far as we know so far we did get the mortgage. We are just waiting on the details now.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Anniversary weekend

So here's what we got for our second anniversary. A joint bank account and possibly a mortgage. We are still waiting to hear back about the mortgage but I can't see any reason at this point that it would be declined. So very possibly I have written my last rent cheque for this house.
So to actually celebrate the event (the anniversary, not the joint account or mortgage) we had a nice romantic dinner at Le Chien Noir. We then went off to have coffee and dessert at Sipps. That was followed by cocktails at Tango. Much of our "romantic" conversation revolved around decorating and renovating projects we had in mind as well as a general game plan for how we would go about financing things. The romance came later.
That's it for now... Off to get that romance and then to get ready for brunch which is at Cora's this week.