Friday, March 30, 2012

Chocolate Cake

For some reason I never told this story on my blog.  It is a story I am somewhat famous for at work.  Straight guys are in awe.

I was dating a guy for a while, didn't work out but we remained friends.  One night, after we stopped seeing each other, he started texting me jonesing for sex.  I was pretty adamant that it was not a good idea given the situation.  Here's where it all went off course.  All day I had been craving chocolate cake.  Chris had been texting me from work.  Work happened to be a local restaurant.  I asked him if they had any chocolate cake there and the answer was an affirmative.  So I told him to grab up a piece and I would pick him up from work and head back to his place.

Back at his place I got a blowjob while eating a piece of chocolate cake.  Both were good though the cake was a bit dry.