Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ottawa "Pride"

So we went to check out Pride weekend in Ottawa. I figured it would be safest to go in with as low expectations as possible in order to not be dissapointed. Turns out that actually worked. Ottawa Pride was not half bad. Really Pride was just the Sunday. Apparently they still can't afford to do a 2 day event. Okay, to be fair there was stuff going on on Saturday we just were not interested in attending any of it.
We headed out of Kingston In the morning and of course hit the Ikea on the way in. Then to the hotel, rooms were not ready. We split up with Howie & Neil for a bit. Dan and I headed to The National Gallery to see the Renoir Landscapes exhibit. Not my thing at all. After that we hooked back up with Howie & Neil, checked into the rooms. We had adjoining rooms and it really worked out great, it's the way to do it. A bit later Kathy showed up and we headed off for a walkabout. Dinner at Tucker's which is an all-you-can-eat buffet place that used to be called Mother Tucker's but they changed the name because people used to call it Mother Fuckers. Too funny. After dinner back to the hotel for a round of mini-putt and a swim/hot tub. Then we headed out to Centertown Pub for a couple drinks then off to Edge for more. Pretty much just hung out and watched the dance floor at Edge for the couple hours we were there. Watched one boy quite a bit. Made some good eye contact. It was fun. Gord and Rob showed up. Chatted with them for a bit then headed back to the hotel. Had hotel sex.
Sunday morning I was up before everyone else of course. Thankfully the hotel had a Starbucks so I headed down, grabbed a latte and sat in the lobby for an hour before heading back upstairs to shower and pack up. We brunched at Dunn's then headed to watch the parade. The parade was not Toronto but it wasn't that bad. After that it was off to the Pride Party on the front lawn of City Hall. Venders and such there as well as a stage with some drag performances including The B-Girls, which we watched before heading back to the car and then back to Kingston.
We got home, unpacked then hooked back up, Mark included and did the buffet at Panda Gardens. Two buffets in one weekend, I do not recommend this as a habit.
Now back to work tomorrow. Two more weeks of days then I start my new overnight shift. Yeah I haven't blogged about that yet. Well now you know. I'll keep y'all posted on how that goes.
Ciao for now...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boy gone wild

So it was my birthday weekend. I have learned in the last few years to expect fun and adventure on my birthday. It just seems to work out that way.
Bryan and Ryan came down which is great. Saturday we all got together here and had an awesome breakfast cooked by Dan. We then did a bit of shopping and then went to see the new BOURNE movie. It was awesome. Well I sure liked it. Also there were 5 previews before the movie started and I want to see them all. Its going to be busy.
Saturday night we gathered at Tango. I had a great time. Good drink and good food. And the best friends ever.
Now is where it starts to get crazy. Sunday morning started off innocuously. Sunday brunch same as always, good times. Good turn out. Mark brought the boy he is dating. After his first encounter with us he doesn't like us. We can be opinionated, and we are hard on Mark. Not sure what he thinks after his second encounter. Then off to Howie and Neil's...
Wasn't there 2 minutes before I was doing a B-52 and then I never saw the bottom of my Cosmo after that. Needless to say that after so little food I did get pretty drunk. To the point where I have memory lapses involving falling up some stairs and possibly accosting Mark's boy.
Dinner time came and Silver Wok was the choice. Dan decided we should come home and let the dogs out. Good thing because I went up stairs and had a good session puking up what little I had eaten. Yeah we didn't go out. I parked myself on the couch and didn't move much till I headed to bed.
By morning I was pretty much recovered though there was one quick incident in the middle of the night. I remember waking up at some point and for some reason, as only men would do I reached for my privates and could only locate one testicle. I remember a bit of panic before the other one came out of its hiding spot to assume its correct position. I'm not sure if that story would have been any different had I been sober or not. Good story to tell the grand-kids though. Thank goodness I will never have any grand-kids.
Anyway, Monday, my actual birthday was much more low key. We drove to Whitby to get our passport applications in. Dinner at Cambodiana with Howie & Neil. Thats about it really. Today was back to work, 3 more days to go.